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Cristóbal Balenciaga was a fashion designer who always
wanted to trial different styles. To lead him the route in which he would then
outline an altogether novel outfit and it is this origination that the Victoria
and Albert Museum have opted to concentrate on in this orderly constructed


The exhibition is closely structured around three sections:
‘Front of House’ looks at Balenciaga’s salons, ‘Workrooms’ uncovers what
happens behind the scenes, and ‘Balenciaga’s Legacy’ examines the impact he has
had on other major fashion brands.

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From start to finish, the show focuses on the most minor
subtle elements that made Balenciaga’s fashion. The designer was never
reluctant to be striking as far as style and praising procedure as opposed to style.
‘Cristóbal Balenciaga’s work was so true to modernity and femininity.
Innovative and inviting, his work is always inspiring’. 


The show uncovers this was a creator who needed to guarantee
that each component of his creations was impeccable, required with each and
every progression in making the ‘ideal’ outfit. If there was the smallest
mistake, he would have torn a design apart and started again in order to keep
in full control, something that had influenced other designers who appreciated
his work including Hubert de Givenchy. Sari dress in brocaded silk by Leonard with beading by Lesage. Balenciaga has made different versions of saris, Indian
saris are formed of a single, long piece of fabric, which is pleated and
wrapped around the body. This couture version is unique with intricate embroidery
and embellishment. Saris are very cultural for Indian ladies to wear looking at
today’s time saris are very popular and is a traditional women’s fashion wear
at a wedding or any special occasion. They use heavy embroidery and
embellishment just the way Balenciaga has represented his versions of sari. In the 60s polka dots were very famous design on the saris.
There were many other designers making saris but Balenciaga had his own style
and version to make it outstanding and trendy for women to wear.  

‘Saris were likewise one of the famous attire in
late 60’s when actress Mumtaz went past the design standards and make her own
unique style, and developed one of the renowned sari wearing style, which is
popular as “Mumtaz Style”, her sari draping style’.    

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