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Cram, memorize, and forget are words to describe the modern day education system. Student are being tested not on their ability to decipher complex questions and problems they might face in real life. Instead, they are being tested on how well they memorized their textbooks. Students are told that school prepares them for the real world, however they are being taught useless thing that students forget right away. According to multiple sources, 70% to 95% of the students do not actually remember what they learn after just three days.  First students are being told to memorize a map, chapter, or vocab words.  They are being asked to memorize mere facts and not actually learn anything. They are most likely to forget the facts and the lectures as soon as the test is over. In addition, there is also no learning if a student is not listening but just hearing. Students are being asked to memorize things without putting effort and concentration into their work. This can cause students to forget what the have learned in days. Students need to learn subjects on a deeper level then practicing useless skills and disconnected facts. A solution to this would be if a student gets a 95% on a test they should have to be retaught the five percent they missed. This would cause the student to learn things at their own pace. Another solution would be teaching every individual student at a pace where they are required to learn. Students would be learning at a pace that won’t cause them physical and mental stress. Secondly, intelligence is not based on memorization. A student can be highly intelligent but that would not show since tests do not analyze intelligence. At the end of the year, students are told that they will be tested on what the learned through the year. This does not refer to students ability to decipher real-life problems and complex questions. Instead, it is based on how well students memorized the textbook. This causes young minds to become more memory- oriented and less oriented on problem-solving. There are also different types of intelligence from musical to interpersonal intelligence so it would be impossible to determine how smart someone is with memorization. With the education system right now, a student might be a genius in math but could be terrible at socializing. That person is still considered “smart” compared to someone who is terrible at math but has incredible social skills would be considered “dumb.” Also, the education system needs to be modernized since students now have access to the internet. Take math formulas as an example. Knowing to use them is important but the tests don’t give students formulas so forgetting them would cause students to fall a test. In real life, we have the internet where we can access formulas in a matter of seconds. The education system needs to be updated to fit modern standers.    Finally, students are rushed through education. Students are pushed at a set pace though classes by state curriculum. The whole education system is geared towards achieving a good outcome rather than gearing towards a better outcome for the students. Students are also set to compete against each other for higher grades and scores which can cause stress. Taking a toll on students both mentally and physically. According to multiple studies, stress can also cause high school students to get high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Those problems are proven to affect students learning.       Education is based on memorization and not understanding concepts. Students are mindlessly learning facts while other material is being under learned. Students are also not listening but just hearing causing students to learn isolated facts through little effort. Schools are seeing memorization as intelligence and the education system refuses to change. The education system is not changing for students needs. It is causing both metals and physical stress on students.  With stress being the leading cause of an academic downward spiral. Also, lectures are still being given and there is no interaction with students. Curriculum and assignments are with only memorization in mind. The system is also not recognizing that technology is a tool in the real world. Students are being taught things that can easily be searched. These problems continue to affect students every day. Without there being change future students will have to deal with the same problems that are happening now.These problems cannot be fixed with one teacher, nor one school but they can be overcome once states recognize these problems.

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