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CPA Licensure Examination

CPA Licensure Examination is clearly viewed as one of the
hardest professional examinations in the Philippines. To pass the said
examination prescribed by the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) the
applicant must always possess positivism (Abrugar, 2011).

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The examination generally covers seven subjects as
provided in the Revised Philippine Accountancy Law of 2004. Thus, the
applicants must master the concepts in Theory of Accounts, Management Services,
Business Law and Taxation, Auditing Problems, Auditing Theory, Practical
Accounting P1, and Practical Accounting P2. However, the coverage of the
examination is not absolute, it is relative as the subjects may subject to some
improvements or may be excluded in the examination only if the authorities have
valid reason to do so (Tolentino, 2015).

The licensure examination for CPA is being administered
by Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) given by Board of Accountancy
(BOA). Philippine Regulation Commission (PRC) is the only agency empowered by
law to ensure quality implementation of licensing future professionals through
enforcing policies and regulations in accordance with Republic Act 8981.

Republic Act 9298 or the Philippine Accountancy Act of
2004 is the regulating law for Certified Public Accountants. An applicant is
deemed to have passed the board examination if he met the requirements of
Section 16 of RA 9298 (Villamin, 2015).

Relationship of Mock Board
Examination to CPA Licensure Examination

Mock Board Examination as an introductory to Actual Board
Examination is strongly significant to increase a student’s probability for
success on the said test (Jessee, 2002). But the result of his study concluded
that there is no statistically significant relationship between mock board and
actual board. Thus, he pointed that strict regulations and requirements should be
highly maintained by different institutions upon imposing the mock board to
ensure quality outcomes.

However, a lot of studies proved out that mock board and
actual board has significant relationship. As in the study conducted in the
year 2014, it was concluded that pre-review or mock board and the GPA have high
statistical relationship to the actual board (Tamayo, Gevera & Aguilar,
2014). Moreover, their study showed relationship of subject clusters in mock
board to actual board. Using the simulation model, the result noted that
performance in mock board to the field of auditing, management and services,
and business law and taxation have the strongest influence to the actual board
performance while theory of accounts has no correlation to actual board.

On the other hand, other researchers said there are
factors affecting the performance in the CPA board examination. These are
intrinsic and extrinsic factors, the support of family members, and the
confidence to take the exam (Sagarino & Corpuz, 2011). Engaging into mock
board can enhance the confidence and potential of the students, as it can
motivate them to study effectively and help them pass the actual exam. As a
result, mock board is one of the methods to enhance one’s capabilities (Dadian,
Guerink & Olney, 2002).

Thus, it is recommended that rapid assessment of
student’s learnings must be observed to enhance the performance of the students
(Ballado, 2014). In addition, a study was conducted using the multiple
regression analysis using Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) showed
that performance in CPA board exam is dependent on students’ performance in
mock board (Dimaculangan & Tun, 2016). 

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