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behavior is one such thing you really can’t predict well. It is well said that
customer is the real Boss. It was assumes earlier that the trend of switching
from smoking to vape is because of the cost cutting as well but later it was
proven wrong by the ones who especially switched from smoking to e-cigs.
Studies showed that people were more interested in spending a little high to
get a flawless, reliable vaping device than to go for a lower quality

Let’s see who the top 5 high end vape mods are for 2017:

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listing, we have conducted thousands of surveys so as to know about the VV/VW
mods,  still it’s difficult to state that
what makes a high-end mod, therefore the criteria we have decided to list down
products is price. Anything going above $100 is classified as High-end vape.


5 – Sleeve Mod by

This 18650
mechanical mod can have many appearances since it has several sleeves fit to
body. Artistically-attractive, though, offering a hybrid, direct
atomizer-to-battery connection comes in brass for $117.95 and in copper for


4 – Tuglyfe Box Mod by

unregulated box mod having tow high-drain 18650 batteries and a MOSFET
protection to deal with high currents is available for $127.95. Having a 510
self-adjusting connection of brass which works with any atomizer it something
you will surely like. 

3 – SMPL Mod by Epic
Design Studios

is what comes into mind when talking about this device, as there’s no trifling
with the adjustable pins required, you just simply insert the battery and
voila!. Coming for $134.99 in stainless steel, copper and brass. It has 22mm
diameter with 18650 mechanical mod having no top or bottom cap design just as
simple as it could be.

2 – Tugboat V2 Mod by Flawless

exceptional in look and extraordinary performance is what Tugboat RDA is all
about. Its design resembles to Tuglyfe box and has a hybrid connection. The
device comes for $147.95 having contacts of copper, delrin insulators and a
spring which is silver plated.

1 – Vapor Shark DNA200DNA200

This beauty
is not only light in weight but has also got speedy charging. The DNA 200 means
that it can take upto 200W along with temperature control feature. Giving out
various customization options, we rank this beauty as the best high end mod as
it comes for $199.99.


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