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“Considering thoughts and creating frameworks that convey that guarantee” is an individual objective that I have set for myself. At the point when converted into activities this objective has fortified my faith in administration through innovativeness. At an exceptionally youthful age, I pondered about the working of Mobile telephone, Television and Radio sets and I can state that a bewilderment at such an irrelevant age has prompted an energy for look into thirteen years after the fact. A want to broaden my insight and an excitement to take care of the requesting issues looked by the business today propelled me to seek after Master’s in Electrical Engineering. Where I stand today is a result of the positive consolation and scholastic beliefs of my folks. I have figured out how to point high and endeavor hard to accomplish my target appropriate from the beginning of my training. Appropriate from tutoring days I was extremely entranced towards Mathematics and Science and Technology. Because of this interest I took my Bachelor of Engineering degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering. My scholastic execution has been steady and focused all through my undergrad studies, and it has given me a solid establishment. I am sure of seeking after my further examinations with far superior execution at University of Waterloo. My undergrad years in Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Institute of Technology, Vasad most unquestionably added to my molding into a person with an aggravated state of mind for magnificence. The Electronics and Communication Engineering educational programs containing courses like Microcontroller and Embedded Systems, VLSI Technology and Design, Engineering Electromagnetic, Antenna and Wave Propagation and Microwave Engineering urged me the essentialness of imaginatively moving rudimentary ideas. In like manner, I selected a last year venture in a hardware firm Cliff’s Electronics PVT LTD. where I dealt with a task named “Remote Industrial Automation”. In this task, three based stations were being controlled by the ace controller utilizing RF module. RF module associated with 8051 based microcontroller utilizing UART convention. A respectable starting point station controlled temperature of a given gadget or gadget persistently, a respectable halfway point station controlled the on/off time of different transfers utilized as a part of the business and third base station tallied the quantity of items made at end of the day. After fulfillment of the undergrad considers, I got set in Excellent Contact PVT LTD. as a Trainee Electronics Engineer where I got preparing on EMI/EMC testing and additionally outline of EMC test hardware. Presently, as an Electronics Design Engineer, I have related myself with many testing ventures in view of a RF outline. I took a shot at many activities like Audio Frequency Amplifier for RTCA DO-160 Audio Frequency Susceptibility Test, Single Phase and Three Phase LISNs with various current rating for CISPR and ANSI C63, LISNs and Antennas for MIL-STD Conducted and Radiated Emission and Susceptibility test and Magnetic Field Generator for IEC 61000-4-8. Having completed a motivating four year course work in hardware and over two years of expert involvement in EMC test types of gear plan and EMI/EMC testing, I might want to squander no time in putting this learning earned to seek after Masters in Electrical Engineering (research) and add to the examination in RF and unified fields. I have watched that the exploration work at your college is similar to my interests with the accessibility of the test office at CIARS lab. I am completely sure that my exploration encounter joined with my unbounded eagerness would empower me to contribute profitably to the dynamic research work in your University.

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