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is the ideology that believes in the promotion of the traditional institutions
based on the culture and civilization (Sibley and Osborne, 2016). The key
tenets of the conservatism ideology are traditions, human imperfections,
organic societies, hierarchy and authority, as well as the property rights.
Conservatives also seek to preserve the numerous institutions that emphasize on
the stability and continuity. Conservatism came up as a result of the emerged
response to the rise of liberalism. It came to face the liberal challenges that
absolutism and social hierarchy faced, especially the challenges of privilege
(Bessarab and Forrest, 2016). The idea also emphasizes the ‘natural order’ that
is based on tradition and the slow changes that are evolutionary. The fact that
the society is set up in the hierarchical nature means that the societies
evolve in order as the institutions adapt gradually through the time.
Conservatism today opposes numerous ideologies in the past, meaning that the
original ideas have changed (Bessarab and Forrest, 2016). The state control of
activities that had been seen traditionally matters for the families and the
various individual responsibilities. This means that the classical origins of
conservatism have taken the new and modern approach to issues.

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this ideology the basis id the anti-state. It asserts that all hierarchical
powers and the political structures are corrupt in one way or another. In many
ways, it borrows from most of the ideas from the communists (Doyle, 2016). It
desires to destruct the power of the state and the power of the socioeconomic
classes. The main issue that differentiates it from communism is the fact that
there is no temporary low stage or any form of Dictatorship (Doyle, 2016). Contrary
to the many beliefs, Anarchism does not intend to cause chaos. However, it
implies and advocates for the localized, direct and participatory governance
that is based on the people who are affected (Doyle, 2016). This way, it may
appear to be a form of ‘ultra-democracy’, which does not have some elements
such as centralism, remote representatives and the power based system that is

time, the main ideologies of anarchism have changed from its classical origins
to the contemporary form. The main form of this ideology is to go against the
beliefs in the democracy and liberalisation that seem to rule the world (Doyle,
2016). It, therefore, takes the anarchism as an inconsistent form of the
government as it is an idea that is more likely to conceptualize the most
potent expressions (Sibley and Osborne, 2016). The basis is only performed in
the organisations (Sibley and Osborne, 2016). In such a case there is a
complete unionization of workers who want to achieve equal rights. It is
crucial to know that within the unions, they follow other ideologies such as
democracy in choosing the leadership (Sibley and Osborne, 2016). This means
that hey change from the classical beliefs and the original principles of


conclusion, the society is guarded by ideologies. Everybody has something that
they believe in and they support it. However, I believe that the main
ideologies such as liberalism, socialism, conservatism have massively changed
from their classical origins (Doyle, 2016). They have taken the contemporary
forms so that they can keep up with the changes in the society. Just as the
many scholars believe, the mind does not record the world, but rather creates
it according to its own mix of cultural and individual expectations. The ideas
in the mind depend on the expectations that are from the society. This is the
reason why the liberals have given in to the elements of socialism so as to
conform to the changes in the society.



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