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Connected vehicles are already rising in percentage at a rapid rate. Not only car companies, but many of the most innovative and well funded companies are trying to be the top in this segment and bring these to the market. The main reason is that the social and economic benifits they will produce are tremendous.But just like any other innovative technology, this also will bring about additional challenges and risks along with benifits.As vehicle cyber-security is still a mostly unknown area, even for the people working at the bleeding edge of the technology spectrum. This makes it one of the largest threats which the society will have to endure as the transportation industry evolves rapidly.Until now, no major malicious attacks on automobiles haven’t taken place. But the looming danger was brought to light when two secuirty reaserchers remotely took over the control of a Jeep Cherokee and changed the transmission to neutral from drive, while it was cuising on a highway. They were also able to control the entertainment system, windshield washers, air conditioning, etc, in a completely remote manner.The central challenge in vehicles are that almost all electronic and electrical components inside a vehicle are interconnected using an internal network. So, in case a hacker is able to hack into a vulnerable point, maybe the bluetooth or music system, they will be able to take over the control of almost all other ECUs like engine, transmission, breaks, etc and cause major damage.As most of the vehicles manufactured nowadays include complex electronic network which consists of around 100 ECUs and maybe around 100Million lines of code, this opens up a very large surface where attack is possible. A more concerning issue is that there is no cetral entity that is in familiar with, or in control of the entire source code of the vehicle as most ECUs are sourced from various suppliers. So, regulation or statndardisation is a hurdle that we have to pass.

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