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Consequently, as you have seen in this paper, the
exclamatives are definitely interesting if we have a deep consideration in any
angles of the linguistic features. I have gone through the definitions of both
languages and figure out a connection between English and Vietnamese. Moreover,
we also find out many exceptional cases that sign a name for each language.
Each of them has its own style and modification, therefore, we have to closely
reseacrh to identify its own characteristics. Essentially, contrastive analysis
is the main part of this paper which totally distinguish the similarities and
the differences between two languages.

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Undoubtedly, the related research has gained a lot of
achievement in supporting in educational and learning system. Somehow, I
believe that my paper is qualified to contribute a small part of teaching and
learning linguistics in both languages. Academically, we assumed that there is
a purpose of expressing the different emotions of the speaker, and it is used
when it is necessary to express to a certain degree the different emotions,
attitudes, and mental states of the speaker for the thing or event that the
statement mentions or implies. We all know that exclamative is utilized in
nowadays as a quintessential spoken language parts. It is also indispensable in
written language, however, there were some difficulties when translating the
exclamatives from English to Vietnamese since they all have the specific
characteristics. Moreover, as mentioned above, there are many exceptional
phenomena that should be noticed and it may be beneficial for students who
study in the linguistics field. They may consider the grammar structure to
identify the meaning and transability of one expression in a certain
circumstance. Furthermore, this research made me feel clear about the way
people tend to react in spoken language. Besides body language and facial
expressions, knowing the way to say the exclamtive by strengthening voice and
notation is also the most fundamental aspects to clarify. Customarily, this
research not only helps in academic study but also support the students to
interact with each other efficiently.

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