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Concept of Political Public Relations



PR is the management process by which and organisation or individual political
person of his purpose.  Through
purposeful communication and action, they seek to influence and to establish,
build and maintain relationship and reputations with the public.

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general Political PR includes PR activities by all organizations and individual
trying to influence politics, in addition political parties, candidates,
government and public sector agencies and other various interest groups also
put efforts in the process and outcome. It is all about efforts and applying
ideas which is critical at all stages of political PR.   Political PR is not limited to simple
information dissemination and exchange for peripherally involved in publics.
But reputation and relationship cultivation is more important for short term
and long term goal.

PR includes all type of models of PR, including

The Publicity Model

The public information model

The 2 Way symmetrical model

PR has much in common with the theory of PR. The key thigs which differs
Political PR that various organisations and actors are involved in PR
activities for political purposes. No part of society is unaffected by the
consequences of political decisions created by different organisation political
individuals to influence political purpose and outcome. Politics always deals
with related issues with common good, this means decisions taken in politics
affects the society directly and indirectly. There is more transparency in
politics than any other setting, media and opposition is always in chance of
exposing the wrongdoing to the general public. The main currency in politics is
ideas and power and the political products (actors and organisation) are always
less tangible, which simply means liking or disliking a products without liking
and disliking the business process behind the product. The Conflict is higher
here than any other setting, the process involved here always produce winners
and losers.

management is essential in all settings but in political setting crisis is
rooted in perceptions rather than in objective conditions. Media an opponent’s always
have interest in manufacturing perceptions in public that political organisation
and actors are responsible for the crisis. Political organisation heavily
depends on members, activists and volunteers, they need to recruit volunteers
and grassroots supporters who can work for them. The measure of success in
politics is on the Election Day when all votes are tallied and make policies
and start working on promises for the success of the next elections.


Management and information management are the most crucial activities of the
Political PR.These activities are connected with the non-ethical communication,
which aims on media manipulation and manipulation of the public.

Public must be informed about what is going on in the government structures,
which is the foundation of every democratic society, but at the same time
politicians must have an insight into public opinion. The state must provide
society with everything that an individual cannot realize.

of Public Relations in modern political parties and government are a mixture of
marketing and propaganda. This is view of PR activities means that the
political actors often want to persuade people in the sense of political ideas
and contents by using a one way, manipulative communication process. 

Relations is a legitimate activity used for the purpose of explain of
explaining official politics to citizens and the political actors in the
communication process.

is an old saying that in a society, there are leaders, there will be a mutual
relation of love and hate between the leading party and opposition. It is not
easy for a political person or organization to manage or to serve in the
context of constant conflicts. Political People and organisation use different
communication mixtures to achieve goal of political communication.

are 4 types of activities of political public relations.

Media Management

Information Management

Image Management

Internal Communication of the organisation 












































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