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Computing has always fascinated me, modernising my desire to solve and prevent problems. Computer science is everywhere: supercars like the Nissan GTR and McLaren P1 run on software that continually calculates formulae to ensure that the car is driven as fast as possible; while companies like Tesla use this technology to build self-driving cars such as their ‘Autopilot’. Computer science is bringing us into the future, and I would love to study for a degree that puts me at the forefront of this research.I am intrigued by the speed at which computing is advancing, as research undergone today will design the world we live in a decade from now. We are being forced into discussions that only recently felt like science fiction; for example, Bill Gates’ firm’s decision to purchase land in Arizona worth $80 million to create a ‘smart city’. Might robots work in our homes? Could there be medical operations that robots would perform better than humans? Intrigued by these debates, I watched an interview in which Elon Musk stated that “Robots will be able to do everything better than us and we should be concerned.” This awoke me to the dangers of robotics, as some fear they will leave humanity without purpose. We are only beginning to realise the potential that computing has, and I would like to use my creativity and drive to help shape these discoveries.My long-term passion for computing began in year 8, when I learned how to create small games using the programme ‘scratch’. Though this app did not require me to code, the principles of software design excited me, and I have since taken a school course on how to programme, focusing on how to create new software. In my free time, I also use YouTube videos to hone my coding abilities. Thanks to these resources, I am now trying to create small programmes with the eventual aim of designing an app that makes people’s lives easier, for example by helping them to learn new skills, or by organizing their daily lives. Smart watches are a good example of the areas that I am interested in, as they have changed the way that many people look at their activity levels and overall fitness.My cousin and I have also experimented with programming software that helps monitor and control household heating. When I was in year 10, my cousin purchased a Raspberry Pi, as we wanted to see what we could programme with it. I had seen videos where people were able to control and monitor their household heating, and so I suggested that we try and write our own code for his house. Though I had very little training in coding, I was excited to learn something new, and I ultimately learned a lot from my cousin as we developed the software together. Our completed code enabled us to control the heating in each room as well as pre-set the heating so that it could be turned on before you came home. After performing a test to check that everything worked, I then created an interface so that anyone could use the app. The interface took longer, as the code was more complicated, and because I decided to do it alone. Problem-solving skills were vital here as there were many issues that could only be fixed through trial and error.I have since expanded on my skill set through my work experience as an IT technician at St. Josephs College (were we fix simple hardware issues) and through my summer work volunteering as an IT supporter for parents and children at the Broad Green Library.I am currently House Captain, having been a Prefect in year 10 and Head Prefect in year 11, and I regularly volunteer at our local primary school as a mentor for year 6. I am studying for my grade 8 in the drums and I have performed with my school band, at the FCM church and at Fairfield hall with Sangeetha music school. I love swimming and have participated in football tournaments at church.Computing is my passion and I would relish the opportunity to be surrounded by people with as strong an interest in programming as I have.

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