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Computerscientists who allow us to live in a world of magic through their wonderfulinnovations have always been my ‘Superheroes’ and I also wanted to be one ofthem. My undergraduate study in Bangladesh at University of Dhaka (DU), in thedepartment of computer science and engineering introduced me to the trueexpanse of computer science.

My teaching career in Bangladesh at DaffodilInternational University (DIU) refines my knowledge and skills in computerscience. The experiences I gathered from DU and DIU inspired me to pursue mycareer as a researcher in computer science. I believe pursing PhD in computerscience will strengthen my journey towards becoming a successful researcher. During myundergraduate study, I developed a keen interest in the fields of artificialintelligence, database, data mining and bioinformatics. In my senior year, mydepartment organized a research workshop on data mining and bioinformatics. Ifound that these areas are expanding with numerous potential researchopportunities. The research aspect of data mining that attract me most was itsability to predict future.

On the other hand, I was amazed by the ability ofbioinformatics to unravel the mystery of life. Motivated by this workshop, I did my bachelor thesis on evolutionaryalgorithm. I developed a tool using self-adaptive differential evolutionalgorithm for economic load dispatch problem. Before my thesis work, I had verylittle idea on evolutionary algorithms. To enhance my background, I wentthrough several books, articles, research papers, video lectures. With mydedication and hard work, I successfully overcame the obstacles. Based on myacademic and research experience at university of Dhaka, I was convinced that Ishould pursue my career in research.  Currently I amworking as lecturer at department of computer science and engineering, DaffodilInternational University, Bangladesh.

During my 4 years of undergraduate teaching, I have instructed severalundergraduate courses including programming and problem solving, algorithms,bioinformatics, data mining and artificial intelligence. Not being an expert inbioinformatics and data mining, it was quite challenging for me to teach thosecourses. However, my intense interest in data mining and bioinformaticsmotivated me to overcome the challenge.

I delved into various readingmaterials including books, conference articles and journal papers. I attendedtwo free online courses offered by Coursera. I synthesized my understanding ina survey paper titled “Data Mining Techniques for Informative Motif discovery”.My hard work and dedication was reflected on my teaching evaluation, which wasranked as “Excellent”. I also supervised some undergraduate projects includinglibrary management system, interactive virtual classroom, and tourismmanagement system. Currently I am supervising a project named “A data miningapproach for economic call finder”. In Bangladesh, there are multiple mobilephone companies with numerous prepaid packages for cell phone connection.

This projectaims to suggest the most economic prepaid operator’s package to the customersbased on their characteristics of outgoing calls including call duration, calltime, calling operator etc. My teaching and supervising experiences have helpedme to develop a proper temperament, power of speech, in addition to a thoroughand extensive knowledge of my field.  Apart from myteaching and research activities, I have strong aptitude for management andorganizing events, seminars and festivals. I am a member of event managementcommittee at department of computer science and engineering, DIU. The primaryresponsibility of this committee is to organize various workshops, seminars,talks etc. These activities helped me to develop my managerial and leadershipskills.

In addition, in my bachelor study, I organized and anchored severalevents, participated in many debating competition and won accolades. I wasthree times champion in “Inter University Debating Competition” which is one ofthe most prestigious debating competitions in Bangladesh held among fiftydifferent debating clubs. These experiences helped me to present my thoughts infront of a responsive and critical audience. I acted as a president of ComputerScience & Engineering University of Dhaka (CSEDU) Debating Club. I was alsoelected as a secretary of ‘Ruquayyah Debating Club’-one of the most successfuldebating clubs in Bangladesh. These experiences helped to develop my ability tohandle responsibility and work under pressure. However, tenyears from now, I want to see me in a position where I would be able to buildmy research lab.

I have a long held dream that the research works from my labwill contribute to the society as well as my country. With this goal in mind, Irealized that I need to gain more expertise and exposure to an excellentresearch environment. Therefore I decided to pursue my PhD degree in aninstitution that has excellent research facilities, top class faculty andmagnificent infrastructure.  University ofLouisiana at Lafayette (UL Lafayette) is an excellent university with vibrantresearch activities. I visited the webpage of the Computer Science department andthrilled with its Centre for Advanced Computer Studies (CACS) researchactivities especially in the areas of Data Mining, Bioinformatics andIntelligent Systems since they match with my interest. The research works fromBioinformatics Laboratory, Biological Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (BAIL)and Laboratory for Internet Computing (LINC) caught my eyes. It would be agreat opportunity for me to pursue my graduate study in this prestigiousinstitute. I am confident that I would be able to make positive contribution toon-going research work at UL Lafayette.

Financial assistantship from youruniversity will help me to achieve excellence in this long journey of graduatestudy.  I believe that Iposses required self confidence, motivation and intellectual ability to performwell in a computer science graduate program. I am sure I would be able to makeproud both my country and UL Lafayette.

 I am lookingforward to be a part of your esteemed graduate program. Rashida Hasan

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