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OpenStack Compute (Nova) is a wind computing fabric controller, it is the provisioning
of the virtual machine(VM) and is also the management module, which states the
drivers that communicate with the unrevealed virtualization. Nova also supports
all the hypervisors available today.

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(Object Storage): OpenStack Object Storage (Swift) is a scalable
extra tankage rule because of objects yet files. It provides the cloud storage
software like google drive, apple drive and Dropbox. Swift (object storage) is
perfect for the storage of unstructured data, or dynamic data which could row limitless.
Is also provides with a repetition checker for data and files. It is built with
keeping in mind the factor of durability.  

 Block Storage (Cinder): Cinder is also a
storage module of the OpenStack community. It is like a USB drive or a hard
drive. It is just like the swift but is much slower than that. It matches swift
like characteristics. It has a low latency as compared to that of swift. The
images in cinder are stored in such an environment that they are handy and
available easily. In OpenStack, the block storage system manages the creation,
attaching, detaching of the block devices to servers.


(Neutron): It was previously known as Quantum. It provides the SDN stack
for the OpenStack. It provides networking as a service. Neutron also provides
the networking capability for OpenStack and it is a system for managing
networks and IP addresses with ease, faster and effectively


(Horizon): Horizon is the dashboard behind OpenStack which provides the administrators
and the users a graphical interface to access, automated cloud-based services.
It also provides a web based interface to the services like Nova, keystone,
cinder, swift etc.


Service (Keystone):  Keystone
is the main and an important service for authorization and authentication. It
basically authorizes services, endpoints, and users. The keystone uses tokens for
the authorization process. It provides with several resources of access, and also
acts as a common authentication system all across the cloud operating system.


Service (Glance): Glance is basically an image registry service
which can manage and store images of the guest (virtual machine), snap shots,
and images in disk. With Glance, user could create their own custom images and
upload them, and they could use it later. Glance also provides a feature that
can store images remotely to save the space on the local drive or disk. It also
provides a service which allows these images to be used as templates when
deploying new virtual machine modules.


(Ceilometer): Telemetry provides services, which allow the cloud to provide
billing services to individual users of the cloud. It also provides services for
the information on metering. Telemetry could be used to generate electric and
many other bills, based on the usage.


·       Orchestration (Heat):
OpenStack Orchestration (Heat) is a service which allows developers to store
the requirements of a cloud application in a file that defines what resources
are necessary for that application.


·       Database (Trove):
OpenStack (Trove) is a database as a service which provides the users with a
relational and non-relational database engine.

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