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First I
will discuss my view of the education that exists on Indonesia
from the competition. In my view, the system used in education on Indonesia
only prioritizes competing systems in all academic and non-academic fields. See
with the class rank, and award a champion that has become a culture of
education in Indonesia, from the there emerging competition. Not only can that,
competing for education in Indonesia
also be seen from the institution side. Institutions that have a more
interesting method of learning or extracurricular will be much selected by
parents with the aim of providing a good and decent education for their
children, in comparison with institutions that only provide facilities far
below. But basically educational institutions only help children to increase
their insight and their cognitive value. Clearly, we see the notion of

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to Indonesian dictionary, competition is a competition that is done by a person
or a group of people, in order to obtain a victory or a competitive outcome.

From the
above understanding, we can conclude that to form a person or group that is
competitive with the mental champion a competition requires. Competition in
education should not be avoided but established. But not solely we can
determine a person has a good quality because of the success they get, to determine
someone has a good quality or not, we can provide a relevant benchmark that is
using the values and diplomas that we get from educational institutions that
are school.

example, a teacher would not say that a student is smart on a chemistry subject
if the test score is always a bad grade The academic grade derived from formal
education are refiners, whereas the rank is the result of distillation (the
highest value amongst others), and a champion is a competitive person or group.

a competitive atmosphere, in a campus environment will be more helpful for
generating innovative students, and forming professional professors. Everyone
has the potential to become better, with the expected competition of education
in Indonesia will be even better. For example, a teacher who gives suggestion for of
student “Lamp can be lighted because it has the potential to light

I will discuss my view of education in Indonesia in terms of cooperation.
Although education in Indonesia only prioritizes competition, we forget the
existence of cooperation. Cooperation in education is often done to sharpen a
person’s competence in both academic and non-academic education. Cooperation is
not only formed into the students but also established among other school
institutions with each other to exchange knowledge that will produce a
generation of quality nations.

cooperation itself according to KBBI is an activity or business undertaken by
some people (institutions, government, etc.) to achieve common goals. The
existence of cooperation to make education become more qualified. Cooperation
helps to equitable education in Indonesia, both students and institutions are
categorized below will feel helped by the cooperation with other parties (students
and institutions). But sometimes cooperation also makes the education system,
especially for students can be weak. Due to their disparaging responses or just
hanging on one side only.

example, students that cannot work with students that can solve problems,
usually students that cannot hang their work on
students that can often occur even become a culture in education.

From the
above explanation, I think the most profitable education for the community is
competition. Why is that? In accordance with the explanation, I have described
above. Competition is helpful information a competitive person or group of
people in this education can be seen from the achievements generated from
generations (students) that will advance the country through the world of education.
The competition will further to motivate the generations of the nation to
achieve both achievements and awards both at home and abroad.

example of my personal experience is more eager to learn if there is
competition not only in academic, competition in my school environment is
highly upheld with the aim of producing competing and competitive champions.
Not only that the other students also prefers the
competition than cooperation, but it does not happen to all students only
certain students alone one of them my self and
my friend named Zulfikar we always chase after obtaining the highest ranking.
But we compete for different ways, for example, if he gets high marks of
physics, I will try to score high on other subjects such as chemistry or mathematics.

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