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Communication is an important part of your role as a PSW student. Describe 3 communication techniques you have used in clinical over the past 2 weeks. Were the techniques effective or not effective? Provide an explanation of why they were, or were not effective.



The three communication techniques that I have used in clinical over the past two weeks are:

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·      Acceptance

Sometimes it’s necessary to acknowledge what residents have to say and let them know that they’ve been heard. I feel that it`s important to let my residents know that their voice is being heard. All residents have the right to autonomy and although I may not always agree with what their saying, I should still let them know that I understand what their trying to say. I do so by making eye contact and saying “Yes, I understand. I feel like this is a good way to build trust with my residents.

This technique worked well because I allowed my residents to be expressive and show autonomy.


Asking for Clarification

I find that sometimes my residents say something, and I can`t quite understand what they have to say. So, it`s important to ask my residents for clarification to ensure I give them the best possible care.  

This technique worked to some extent, some of my residents had no problem with clarifying things for me, but other became agitated because they felt as if their voice was not heard.


Non-Verbal / verbal Cues

I like to encourage my residents to have a conversation with me. They often don`t get a lot of social interaction and deserve to socialize and talk about their day. Throughout my day I use nonverbal and verbal cues such as nodding and asking questions to get a conversation going. I then actively show an interest in what their saying, which lets them know that I`m listening and engaged in the conversation.

I found that this communicative technique was successful with some but not all residents. It really depends on the resident’s personality type and whether they like to be social or keep to themselves. The residents that like to be social enjoyed telling me about what their life was like before they came to Extendicare. I feel that overall this technique has been successful for me to build a trust and bond with them. 

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