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Communication is a
way of interacting and sharing information, ideas, and opinions to others. It also
helps to understand what is the opinion and insight of others. There are so
many ways of communicating, it can be by writing, watching, and talking to
others. The various purposes of communication are to inform, to persuade and to
argument. To inform is to share what is truthful and unbiased, it shares the
knowledge that they know about a certain topic. To persuade getting the
audience support and persuading them to believe what the speaker is saying. To
argument is everyone who is communicating has their own opinions about a
certain topic and trying to argue of what they know. Regardless of why a
certain person communicate to others, its main purpose is to share and
understand the information that has been passed because if someone
misunderstood what the other person said, it fails the communication.
Argumentative speech persuades the audience to take the side of the speaker,
and the speaker generally discusses a topic he or she feels strongly about.

The trading of data
or going of data, thoughts or thought from one individual to the next or from
one end to the next is correspondence. As indicated by McFarland correspondence
is, “a procedure of important cooperation among people. All the more
particularly, it is the procedure by which implications are seen and
understandings are come to among people.” Newman and summer characterized
correspondence as “a trade of actualities, thoughts, assessments or
feelings by at least two people.” Correspondence is the way toward passing
data starting with one individual then onto the next. The reason for
correspondence comprehends of data. Whatever one needs to state to somebody
ought to be obviously comprehended by him else the very motivation behind the
correspondence would be vanquished.

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In an association
correspondence encourages the stream of data and comprehension between various
individuals and divisions through various media utilizing every one of the
channels and systems. This stream of data is key for administrative viability
and basic leadership when all is said in done and for human asset supervisor
specifically as he must be in contact with the administrators of different
offices, representatives and laborers and exchange union pioneers.
Correspondence in this way comprehends individuals better expelling
misconception and making lucidity of considerations and articulation. It
additionally teaches individuals. The correspondence might be composed or oral,
formal, casual, and upward, descending, flat, askew, relational, intrapersonal,
interdepartmental, intra-authoritative. 

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