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Cody/ColeWood is actually made up layers of fibers. Nails push in between the fibers. They don’t make much of a hole. When a hole is made the fibers are pushed to the side. Nails hold good for certain things. You have different type of nails. You have drywall nails  they are supposed to used for drywall only. You have roofing nails that are made for roofing. They make finish nails you do like finish work. They have different type of nails you can use. You have a variety to pick from for what you are doing. If you are building a house you have different lengths of nails and type of nails you can use to build the frame with.  They have all types of nails that you could choose from. You do not have to have just one kind you can use they have different types. So you don’t have to use wood nails for drywall. You could use screws for lots of things. You don’t have to use nails for everything. You may think nails are better than screws because you don’t have to sit there and waste your time screwing in a screw when you can just get a nail and a hammer and hit it maybe 5 times and you are done. I would prefer screws over nails because you can pull out nails easier than you can pull out screws. Screws have threads on them and when you screw them in it makes a groove pattern that holds it in a little better than nails. I would build a house with nails and screws but if you are making cabinets and stuff like that you dont need nails and screws you would want to just have wood glue.Wood glue is better because nails and screws you just make a hole in the wood and the nail or screw will just slide out.  Gorilla wood glue is what woodworkers and carpenters recommend.  Wood usually last about 1-2 years. If you wet the wood alittle the glue will stick together better. Wood glue will hold tighter than nails and screws because when you go to tear it apart you will pull a layer off the wood you will not pull of where you glued the two pieces together. I would not build no house with wood glue i would build cabinets with it and little stuff like that and attach stuff together. It holds really good nothing else will hold as good as wood glue will. As long as it’s not in the weather or something like that it will last forever. It will never pull apart until it gets wet. So there are different things you could use for any thing you are doing you could do it right or do it half.

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