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cloud computing Play a great role in the smart home Application.A Brief definition of the used Terms : IoT: As we said Internet of objects or internet of things everything surround used to have a sensors for doing function the most efficiency of  IoT is that it does not have enough storage  Internet-based protocols  (HTTP, IPv6, UDP/TCP) enable to access, manage and communicate hardware devices which we use in our daily life such as, heater, washing machine and fridge.9Cloud Computing : Confirming to the concept it is a technology brings the ability to store and maintain the data generated from IoT devices and sensors in a highly scalable, and manageable solution according to user’s requirements 8 Big Data :Big data is the term that describes any voluminous amount of structured,semi-structured and unstructured data that has the potential to be mined for information and the characteristics of big data summarized as “5 Vs” 10 which are volume, variety, velocity, value and Veracity.Academic Literature:the concept of the smart home is now well established and a number of research projects are underway, as a field of academic research the smart home is still in its infancy. This is perhaps not surprising because, as we saw earlier, domestic technology ,in general, has been neglected by academics, despite the enormous changes seen over the last century. Reasons for this neglect have been examined by an established body of feminist research (see, for example, Wajcman, 1991). Chief among the reasons identified are lack of financial motivation to increase productivity in domestic work; little involvement of the technology users in the design process; product designers’ view of domestic technology as unexciting; and a continued focus on stand-alone appliances, often for marketing reasons.12Main players in Smart Homes : There is some indication that the main players in the commercial market for smart home technology are changing. Historically, it has been the electrical equipment suppliers – manufacturers of switches, sockets and distribution boards for example – who have played the leading role in developing the market. Now, however, there is established interest from consumer electronics manufacturers such as Nokia, Sony and National Panasonic, and ranges of so-called “smart” appliances are being marketed directly to the household consumer. Again social scientists have an important role to play. The possibility exists for the service companies themselves to take some control over the technology within people’s homes. Will this be acceptable to people? Will the gains in terms of savings outweigh the costs in terms of loss of privacy and autonomy? Commercial companies are already startingto explore whether consumers are prepared to have this kind of relationship.12Smart power sockets are an additional integral component in smart homes. Fernndez-Carams 13 presents a tested intelligent power outlet system that aims at making homes safer and smarter. His solution uses Zigbee with features thatprovide remote control, current consumption monitoring, avoidance of overconsumption, detection of vampire currents, and the prevention of electrical fires and shocksSmart transportation and traffic applicationsThe main concept of the smart transportation is to get the right information at the right place and on right device to make the most suitable transport related decision and to facilitate the citizens need in more quick and fast10.Most Architectures are addressing various functions like parking, traffic, traffic data communication, shared vehicles, navigation. here we are going to review some of this architectures, the main functions and how it works. Agent based Road Traffic Management in Smart Cities using Cloud Computing. Seema Hadke, Yogita Adak, Sonam Kale, Sunayana Liman , Pooja Sukre International Journal of Computer Science and Network, Volume 5, Issue 2,( April 2016) 2277-5420In this paper the authors introduced a new approach for traffic management based on a cloud which can handle both the issues from the end-users side and the management level of controllers and traffic operators. They propose urban-traffic management systems using intelligent traffic clouds. With support of cloud computing technologies, it will go for all other multi agent traffic management systems, collecting traffic data which is tested and verified from traffic agents and store it in Intelligent Traffic Clouds which provide a real-time image in the particular area 8.A FCM cluster: cloud networking model for intelligent transportation in the city of Macau. Zhiming Cai1, Lianbing Deng, Daming Li, Xiang Yao3, David Cox7, Haoxiang Wang, Springer Science+Business Media, LLC 2017In this paper, they introduce cluster computing model. The clusters integrate inputs from several sensors and clustering them into similar vector sets based on the feature vectors. the

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