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Cloud Atlas is a book where David Mitchell used a lot of different genres and characters, there is a lot of philosophical talk about truth throughout the whole book, however every story seeks the truth. In cloud atlas I feel like Mitchell is trying to say that eventually sooner or later we will find the truth, I also believe that he used  this theme because we’ve all been through situations where we have been lied to or where we have told a lie or perhaps we’ve actually been seeking for something and as some of the characters in here, they’ve gone too far to figure out the truth, so he did this so we can relate to it and understand what each of the characters are going through and see how their lives have changed.Luisa Rey is fighting to reveal the truth about a company named Seaboard, in her journey she had a few consequences that has almost got her killed. Luisa is a gossip columnist for the Spyglass, later in time she becomes friends with a guy named Rufus Sixsmith a scientist who worked in the company she was trying to expose, who later got murdered by someone named Bill Smoke, a scientist as well . After that sixsmith was murdered by bill smoke and luisa was given all of sixsmiths belongings because she pretended to be his daughter, there were a lot of his personal stuffs including some letters that were from his first love who was robert frobisher. After  luisa received the letters something inside her awaken her,  and she had to begin to suspect something with Frobisher.

  Then we have Adam Ewing which he was the first character we met in the beginning of the book, a doctor and surgeon to London nobility, he learns the truth of the deceit of Henry Goose and of  slavery. A lot of things had been going on with Ewing later in the book with his story. Almost n the beginning of the book he says that “cynicism can blind one to subtler virtues.”(P.5)  Apparently, it’s his optimism that blinds him to Goose’s treachery, He starts to realize that Goose is betraying him. Then later the more  Ewing sees of the world, the more he becomes not quite cynical, but realistic. He sees that men, even white men, are capable of some pretty horrendous things.

He witnesses how they subjugate darker tribes. He witnesses a hazing ritual aboard the ship and observes, “Cruelty has never made me smile.” (p.494) He hears an analogy about slave-maker ants, and starts wondering if people are really like ants after all.

Another character is Robert Frobisher who also captures his truth in his sextet, and this truth is so complete he kills himself because he has nothing left. Frobisher spends a lot of time trying to make himself seem cold and vulnerable, he does this just to protect himself from being hurt. He does sometimes lets his guard down. He works with another character in the book whose name is Vyvyan Ayrs a musician which having Robert around keeps him active and animated, sometimes Frobisher feels like he is doing all of the work and is not receiving any credit for it. “Ayrs won’t cut me in for my ideas that went into ‘Todtenvogel’ enjoying its twentieth public outing since Warsaw I’ll just have to reimburse myself.” (p.447) And instead of taking a stapler, he takes priceless manuscripts and sells them for cash.

Later on in the book he also ends up finding out that Ayrs and his wife who is Jocasta were just using him, he was devastated. Ayrs also threatens Frobisher’s fragile reputation, and even though he won’t admit it, this affects him.Sonmi, as an intellectual, wants to know the truth of the whole world. One of her main roles is world building.

Her world, called Nea so Copros, is the first world we come to in Cloud Atlas that doesn’t take place in the past or present. Sonmi has to seamlessly introduce us to the technology and customs of her society. Sonmi then eventually finds out that fabricants and consumers are fed the recycled body parts of dead fabricants. Near the end of the novel, Adam Ewing postulates, “One fine day, a purely predatory world shall consume itself”. That is exactly what is happening in Sonmi’s time. The consumer nature has gotten so out of control, people are eating people, and Sonmi can’t stop it.Cloud Atlas focuses a lot on the truth, we have Zachary who wants Meronym to tell him the truth.

Zachary is a goat herder from the Valley. His father and brother were killed when he was young, and he blames himself for being cowardly. He is haunted by Old Georgie who is the devil in their mythology. When Meronym comes to stay with his family, he is suspicious of her, but Meronym proves her worth and they soon form a close bond. He then takes her to the mountain, and Old Georgie almost tricks him into killing her. Instead he saves her life and takes her back to her people. “The true true is different to the seemin’ true? said I.

Yay, an’ it usually is, I mem’ry Meronym saying’, and’ that’s why true true is presher’n’rarer’n diamonds.”  (p220) This quote is reminded  of Sonmi’s statement about truth and its “versions.” In Zachry’s language, the real truth is known as the true-true. In every story truth is essential, and never certain. All of these characters had something in common and that was, that each and one of them were all looking for an answer. While you can never be certain what the true truth is, one thing is for sure, the truth always comes out and the wrong always has consequences at the end.

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