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close proximities, whichin turn can show the relationship of Nora and Torvald that is slowly dying. Dr.Rank suffers from a severe spine condition and is progressing rapidly.

Thiscondition was believed to be caused by the genetic inheritance of hisdegenerate father who was promiscuous and gluttonous. Rank and Nora have aninteresting relationship with each other. As a matter of fact, it’s completelydifferent than that of Nora and Torvald. Ibsen gives rise to many thoughtprovoking characters, Nora and Torvald’s relationship is bias to one side.

Norahas no-say in any of the decision making; causing Nora to have no independenceand is completely under Torvalds control. In the words of Wisemen M. a writerfor Inquiries Journal, he states “ironically by the end of the play we realizethat without Torvald, Nora could not of advance to what she is to become”(Wisemen M.). In many ways this is true, although Torvald may have been themain cause of Nora leaving, he exposed her to the confined life she was living.Nora soon realized it and began picking up all the lost pieces she’s lost andbegan to put them back together to see the bigger picture. On the other end ofthe spectrum, the relationship between Nora and Dr. Rank we witness moreserious conversations between the two.

“Dr. Rank actions move the story along,adding connections that force the reader to think about the appearance andreality of the major characters’ personalities” (Desimore C.).  Dr. Rank doesn’t affect the plot of the play directly,but it does suite the needs Nora needed. Dr. Rank talks to Nora like an adult,something Torvald never did.

One can also see she felt much more comfortablearound Dr. Rank, she tells him about her personal details and shares insight onher relationship with Torvald. Dr. Rank treats her regality and with respect whichis how any woman should be treated, but then again not any woman would leavetheir children like Nora did at the end of the play. This caused manycontroversial riots at the ending f the play. People were upset as to why Noraleft her life behind and were outraged. In addition she isn’t as innocent as wethink, when her husband was severely sick she needed money to pay for theexpenses. She had no other choice than to go Krogstad, he holds a position atTorvalds bank.

Krogstad may be perceived as a villain, he also has to due withthe downfall of the Nora’s and Torvalds relationship. Cruel, can be one of themany ways to describe him. He seems to feel great pleasure from her pain as heblackmails her for forging her father’s signature. Krogstad being the cruel manhe is, found out that Torvald could potentially lose his job for being unaware ofNora doing such a crime. Krogstad takes advantage of this information and tellsNora to tell Torvald to move his position to the head of the bank.

He claims thereason he is threatening Nora like this is because he wants his sons to earn somerespect under the Krogstad’s name. He too has significant power on Nora and causesconflict between characters. 

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