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Climate change, the word is self-explanatory, it is the
adjustment in the climate, found in a specific region. This could be a change
in how much rain a place typically receives every year. Or, then again it might
be the change in a place’s standard temperature for a certain amount of

Environmental change on the planet can be caused by a
considerable measure of activities, amid the previous 200 years, human
exercises, has started occurring since the industrial evolution which where the
things were made by machines in extensive scale. The wellsprings of carbon
dioxide outflows has been expanding radically. Human exercises, for example,
the consuming of coal, oil and natural gas which is also called as fossil
fuels, are the fundamental driver of the increased carbon dioxide concentration
in our climate. And furthermore other ozone harming substances, for example,
water vapour, methane, nitrous oxide and numerous others.

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Greenhouse gases is like a blanket around the Earth, they
have an influence on the atmosphere trapping heat in the atmosphere and causing
it to warm.

This is called the greenhouse effect, and it is natural and
necessary to support life on earth. However, while greenhouse gases increases,
the climate changes will result in dangerous effects to human health and
ecosystems and habitats of the animals. People have adapted to the stable
climate we have enjoyed since the last ice age which ended several thousand
years ago. A warmer climate will affect our health and safety, will disturb our
water cycle and therefore effecting agriculture.

Moreover, Deforestation is responsible for about one-fourth
of all the carbon emissions entering to the atmosphere, by the burning and
cutting of trees each year. As we know the trees absorb carbon dioxide, thus
the trees prevent the carbon dioxide from escaping to the atmosphere. However,
with the absence of the trees the carbon dioxide emissions will continue to
increase significantly.


Climate change has impacted countries all around the world.
Human fundamental needs, for example, food, water, wellbeing, and safe house,
are influenced by atmosphere. Changes in atmosphere may sabotage these
necessities with expanded temperatures, ocean level rises, changes in
precipitation, and more continuous or serious outrageous occasions.

Nationally, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has encountered
environmental issues which is caused by exploitation of the natural resources,
rapid population rise and increased energy demand leading to increased
temperature, water scarcity and aridity. The United Arab Emirates contributes
to Greenhouse gas emissions , since the discovery of the oil industry the
consumption of energy has rapidly increased , However due to this discovery it
has allowed them to counter these challenges by investing their money on
desalination plants , air conditioning infrastructure and rain water drainage systems.
The UAE has all the right ingredients of a recipe for disaster that may be
closer than previously thought, warned a visiting member of a United Nations
group eyeing climate change.

Its densely populated cities lie on the seashore, meaning
they could drown if sea levels climb high enough on the back of global warming,
pointed out Professor Geoffrey Boulton, a British geologist with the
Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

“The UAE is a hot spot that could see catastrophic and
striking effects of climate change like extreme storms; an even hotter and
drier subtropical desert – that’s us here; a more acidic sea and damaged
coral,” said Boulton. “Some of the effects are already happening. By
2020, they could really start to bite. Within the next century, it could be the
end of the story.”

Exploring the possibilities, Boulton said local food would
become hard to find because agriculture here would suffer from more salty water
– not fit for farming – invading underground freshwater pools.  

There are other conditions found in various countries in the
Middle East which might face a disastrous future.

In Egypt for example rising sea levels are affecting the
Nile River delta, the triangle where the Nile spreads out and drains into the
sea. It’s where Egyptian farmers grows most of their crops. As Egypt has high
poverty rates and fast growing population it will be exposed to the effects of
climate change. However, Egypt has made a few solid strides, for example,
embarking on an aspiring task to build the greatest sun oriented photovoltaic
plant on the planet at Aswan which is a strategy for producing electric power
by utilizing sun powered boards to change over vitality from the sun into a
stream of electrons.

Over the years, with advancement in technology and science
field the human civilization has realized the impact that has led to
environmental issues and when it comes to take a stand against these
environmental problems, they have started investing in alternative and
renewable energy sources which have minimal or no carbon output. Hydro electric
energy, the potential energy stored in the water held in dams is made to drive
a water turbine and generator which in turn produces electric power. This form
of energy generation is called hydroelectric power. Out of all the alternative
energy sources, this one has been most commonly adopted in the current time.

Solar energy is what the earth receives from the Sun. This
is one of the most promising alternative energy sources, which will be
available to the mankind for centuries to come. The only challenge remains to
tap the solar energy in the most efficient way. The solar power generation is
done by using a series of photovoltaic cells where the solar rays are converted
into electricity. Apart from electricity production solar energy is also being
used for heating water, cooking food etc. This form of energy also has many
advantages to it. It is an infinite source and can be generated in the day
time, stored, and made available in the night time.

Wind energy is another sustainable source. The power of the
wind is harnessed to propel the blades of wind turbine attached to an electric
generator to generate wind energy. Wind energy is an effective alternative
source of energy in areas where the velocity of wind flow is high. It is a
clean form of energy, and it is free of cost.

In conclusion, we need to take part and try to
stop global warming and other effects on climate change. If the earth’s
temperatures continue to rise in the future, living things on earth would
become extinct due to the high temperatures. If humans contribute to control
global warming, this world would be cooler and the high temperatures we
currently have would decrease. If everybody as one take stand and try to end
most of the climate changes that are occurring, this world would be a safer
place to live on.

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