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Cleaning service provider for banks and
financial entities

Cleaning service have a broad service trajectory to the financial
sector and banking entities.

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We are the main provider of cleaning services for several entities
in the financial sector, either from banking centers and singular buildings or
the branch network.

work plans for financial entities

As a result of this experience, our work plans and cleaning
systems have been modified and adapted to the particular characteristics of
each entity, creating specific and exclusive cleaning methods for banks and
financial entities.

This method responds to the cleaning and sanitation needs of
financial institutions.

Following our pattern of procedures to follow, we adopt the work
plan to the needs of each office.


We offer integral, preventive and corrective maintenance services,
according to our clients’ needs.

We have specific computer systems to guarantee flexibility and
resolution when receiving all the incidents and breakdowns of the service in
case of origin, achieving monitoring control with maximum satisfaction for our
customers, offering an optimal resolution quality from the same.

more than 30 years of experience

We have a long history, consolidating and positioning ourselves as
one of the leading companies in cleaning financial institutions in the sector.

quality control system and service supervision

The quality of the services that BN facility services offer is
based on periodic controls to assess customer satisfaction.


We complement our flexible hours of service to our customers,
having a 24- hour service, to cover any emergency and emergency that may arise
in the offices.

of graffiti cleaning and protection of facades
the exteriors of your office are willing to suffer continuous painting, we
offer you maintenance of the elements exposed to this type of vandalism, making
periodic interventions with programmed performances of our brigades.

With this, we managed to permanently maintain the good image of
the exterior of the offices.

cleaning of offices

We solve all types of technical cleaning: Cleaning of upholstered
furniture with quick drying (office chairs), Cleaning of pavement chewing gum
(sidewalks entry), Cleaning of posters (election campaigns, demonstrations),
Polishing of customers’ patios, etc.


In group cleaning services we are specialists in the office
cleaning service.

Our goal to be hired by a new company is to ensure that it can not
worry completely about the cleanliness of its offices.

methods for office cleaning

Cleaning services have the capacity, personnel, and knowledge
necessary to deal with the cleaning of large office centers.

A trained and qualified human team, coordinated by group leaders,
will apply yield optimization methods.

The result is offices with a clean environment and a healthier
work environment.

cleaning service

We offer a service of the highest quality. Our specialist staff
had the necessary knowledge in the use of equipment and appropriate products
and approved for office cleaning.

We apply preventive and protective cleaning treatments to
complement the corrective cleaning service.

cleaning offer for your office

The offices, like any space of coexistence of multiple people,
demands a level of cleaning and hygiene maximum.

When making an office maintenance cleaning offer, we will consider
aspects such as schedules, an occupation of the office, type of location, and
above all we will try that the cleaning service of the office affects the
minimum productivity of the staff of the same.

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