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awoke again with a start his head was deliberately shaking from all the booze
that he drank last night, thankfully he was promoted to Chief Mechanic so he
didn’t have to get up early or else he would have been punished. Clay climbed
down from his hut and saw the kid he was mistreating before.

morning kid, how you doing?” Clay asked cheerfully but the kid did not
respond and instead ran away. Clay’s day went on a new routine, he was now the
one ordering people around and he was not getting tired at all teaching
mechanics stuff only he knows.

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kept on with his new routine every day and he still keeps on greeting the kid
he sees every morning and Clay gets the same response every day, the kid runs
away, no matter how hard he tries on trying to talk to the kid, the kid runs
away, or maybe he isn’t just trying hard enough.


one day Clay sought out the kid from the locals, he asked them politely and
they responded quite the same, one of the locals told him that the kid lives in
a nearby hut just across the west side of the camp, he thanked the locals and
walked to the hut they told him. As he was approaching he saw that the light
was out and realized that maybe the kid is already sleeping, he cursed himself
for being late and was about to walk away when he heard someone say “What
do you want?”


 Clay turned around and found the kid staring
at him from the Hut’s window. Clay chuckled and said “You scared the hell out
of me kid.” the kid glared at him and asked again “What do you


 Clay felt admiration for the kid’s courage in
talking to him like that especially since he’s in the US army and the kid’s
supposed to be scared of him not the other way around.


kid I just came by to say sorry you know, for the things that I’ve done to you
before and all I’m asking for is a second chance, to be your best friend.”


 Clay said but the kid did not take it so well
“You mistreated me and Ms. Rosette and you expect me to give you another
chance? You don’t even know my name!” the kid shouted frantically at the
top of his lungs. Clay sighed and kneeled down at the sandy ground “Please
forgive me kid, I’m willing to change and I’m willing to be the one to fix our
friendship kid, so please forgive me.”


said wholeheartedly but the kid didn’t buy it however and shouted again
“Get out of here and never comeback, by the way my name is Marble and
you’re Clay we are different so go away!!” the kid shouted and then left.


walked away in silence, “Marble eh, I won’t stop till we become friends
again Marble and I sure hope we would be friends again.” Clay thought to
himself as he walked away whistling a cheery tune to pick his spirits up.


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