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      Clay and Skye are both in good terms.
Clay is finally acting up and showing effort for Skye. But it doesn’t change
the fact that he is not really fully and truly in love with her. They both have
their own lives. They have different jobs, personalities, etc. Clay works for a
newspaper company, he is an editor. That’s why he is always busy writing
articles and stuff. Skye works as a Hotel Manager in a hotel near their house.
They both have to leave early for work and go home late because of work. They
don’t have much time to spend with each other. Sundays are only their free
times. That is when they go out and have dinner or watch movies or something
that they can bond with each other.

       They both have different personalities.
Clay does not usually show Skye how he feels or show everyone. He does not know
how to express his feelings physically. He usually puts it in his articles or
writings. Expressing his feelings through writings are his forte, that’s his
thing. Clay loves wasting his time in reading books of his interest. He is not
the Fiction type bookworm. He is more on the non-Fiction since his work is more
on the factual side. He has his friends but not much. His trusted friend is,
Derek Shepherd. He was his friend since they graduated in high school. Clay is
a serious guy, he doesn’t like joking around with everyone. Unlike Skye who is
a happy-go-lucky girl.

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       On the other hand, Skye is the very
opposite of Clay. She loves expressing her feelings physically but because of
Clay’s attitude towards her she’s somewhat slowly changing it. Clay gets annoyed
at her for the small mistakes she commits. Skye works at Lodge Hotel as a
manager. She is jolly, and loves watching romantic movies. No one really knows
how and why she loved Clay when he is totally the opposite of her. She sees no
wrong in loving Clay. She can get so happy when she’s with him even though he
shows his bad attitude to her. She just goes with the flow and let the
situation take her to what’s meant for her. Clay can affect Skye in so many
ways. Skye can get quiet and shy when Clay says so, she follows everything he
says to impress him. Everything can change when Clays says it. She can do
everything for him. If she wants something, she will work hard for it even if
she’s sure that she will not get it but the thought that she tried relieves her.
Her officemates are her friends or bestfriends, they are the ones who always
remind Skye to leave something for herself and not give everything she has to
him. Her friends doesn’t like Clay for her because they always hear Skye’s rant
and cries every time Clay does something bad to her or hurt her but in the end
it’s still her choice. She’s a martyr when it comes to loving Clay.

       Their differences are not helping them
have a good relationship. 

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