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Civility and integrity are components that create a society cooperable to live in, but civility and integrity are not main components that sustain a society. Though still crucial for a society to run, a society needs people to collaborate, and in the modern world this collaboration needs to consist of intelligent people.Intelligence is needed for a society to run because the modern world of today is far more sophisticated than it has ever been. The intelligence a society holds is a product of our educational system. The system of education we are in “aspires” for young people like us, to have a general education of the world which should prepare us for the modern society we live in. With the education we receive from the system, the educational system hopes that we gain a better understanding in politics, so we are wise in the politicians we elect to help guide our nation, history, to remind us that everything that we built-up for today, was not always this way, and in other subjects. But the reality is, when a person under the system that they are educated in looks at the core of that system, they start to realize that there’s hardly anything civil about it. Civility and integrity do play a crucial role in today’s modern society, and this role is seen in the roots of the system that educates us in order for us to fit with the society we are within. The education system we are in, again is hardly civil, but that’s not to say nothing civil comes out of it. This is because there are people with integrity inside that system such as enthusiastic teachers and engaging students, there are people with integrity within the educational system. As Chinese philosopher Lao once said: give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day, teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Our educational system has drifted away from teaching us to fish, into giving us fish, and in small portions too. I’ll explain why what I’m saying has significance with what’s called Learned Helplessness. Learned Helplessness was discovered in a case study done by (this man) on dogs, and what I’m going to be saying right now will help you all to be able to fit the pieces so please listen to what I’m about to say.Learned helplessness is what our education system has taught us without us realizing it, and before I talk about what Learned Helplessness is exactly I’m going to mention its discovery. Learned helplessness was discovered by (scientist) who experimented in uncivil ways that wouldn’t be acceptable today with dogs. This man basically put a dog in a box it couldn’t jump escape from, then shocked the dog. The dog then tried to escape but wasn’t physically capable of doing so, and within time that dog learned that there was no way out of its problem. Now this is where this gets interesting so please bear with me, that dog was then taken out of that box, and placed into a much smaller one, one that the dog could easily escape from, and when the dog was once again shocked in the box, but despite being able to jump out, the dog didn’t because that’s what it was trained to do. After this experiment that scientist then got a random stray dog from the streets and placed that dog in the same easily jumpable box. The moment the stray dog got shocked in that box, it jumped out of that box. The scientist was surprised, and he went about measuring the levels of dopamine both dogs had(dopamine is happiness chemical), and what he noticed was that the stray dog had experienced greater levels of dopamine than the dog that was trained to stay in the box that shocked it. Which is sad because even though the train dog could’ve jumped out, it stayed in there with its problem.

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