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Ciani Rice 311-01 DBQ Essay             206 BC and 27 AD was a start of a golden age for China and Rome.The golden age for both of these countries lead to peace,prosperity,and technological advances.This was because Augustus Caesar’s rule, which brought forth Pax Romana or In other words the golden age of Rome.Due to syncretism,Rome had adapted greek-inspired art and attitude.The period of the Han is known as China’s golden age, during this time China was under Confucian rule which allowed everyone to support each other by knowing their role in society.Peace and prosperity not only allowed these empires to grow in territory it also allowed them to develop ideas about technology both Rome and the Han dynasty placed value on water based infrastructure,appreciated for technology, and the government roles that respected it.        Water played a huge role in both Empires.In Rome and in the Han technology that helped them conceal and control the water was highly regarded. Han official firmly writes to other officials trying to get a better handling on flood control.(Document 1)Around this time China was having ongoing issues with the yellow river which had its infamous name as “China’s sorrow”. The constant hazard of the yellow river led China to form water based infrastructure that would help control floods. The art of this infrastructure required a lot of care as the government official said in the document.In addition, Frontinus the water commissioner for the city of Rome talks about how Roman aqueducts world is are durable and built to perfection. But, however the words of Frontinus are less accountable because this looked at as him praising his own work or “tooting his own horn”. Nevertheless, it shows Rome’s acceptance of this kind of technology.                 The Han Dynasty and Rome both appreciated technology and incorporated it into everyday life.Plutarch a high official talks about the dedication that goes into making Roman roads, they were built without one single waver and carried themselves throughout the country.(Document 6)

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