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Christopher McCandless ventured out into the wilderness to seek a spiritual awakening. In the novel Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer, Christopher McCandless, displays independence and isolation. Some would say that McCandless was arrogant and naive, but I believe he was seeking the value of personal knowledge, the existence without materialistic objects, and finding happiness.     McCandless was looking for an enlightened outlook in life, which he did find, unfortunately he could not share his journey with his family and friends due to his injury that led him to his death. There were many things that contributed to why McCandless was the way he was, but his childhood probably had the most impact on him. He grew up with a father who was abusive and a manipulative liar. When he discovered that his father was the head of two households and was unfaithful to his mother, Christopher was outraged by his father’s moral hypocrisy and lost all respect for his father. When McCandless set out for his journey into the wild, he left his family and friends without an explanation. He did all of this to prove he didn’t need to depend on anyone, but himself, he wanted a fresh start and to live in the presence of nature. For his journey he created a new name for himself, Alex Supertramp. Supertramp was McCandless’ persona that was more rebellious and careless. Supertramp helped McCandless escape reality and his past, Christopher found himself through Alex.    Another reason why McCandless was determined to go on this journey was to live without all of the unnecessary materialistic things in life. When he graduated, his parents offered to buy him a new car, but he refused to accept the car. McCandless didn’t see the point in buying a new car since he had a perfectly working car, it infuriated him because his parents were extremely materialistic people, he loathed money and what it did to his parents. Also before leaving for his trip McCandless donated his $25,000 life savings to the OXFAM charity, a hunger relief organization. Leaving behind the materialistic world was essential for his spiritual awakening journey.   The main purpose of his journey was to find happiness within himself, to leave reality, to get to know himself. McCandless followed his dream with dedication, he cut off communication with his family and left all materialistic things behind. McCandless showed everyone that being independent and finding self-reliance on a cross country journey is worth it.     

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