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Christmas is coming closer and the enthusiasm here is amazing, such wonderful lights and carols being played, so much amazing food and such friendly people. This is where we all Indian community people had arranged a small get together and purchased around 100 cheese burgers for distributing it to the homeless.A meeting was conducted for this where I was chosen as the leader and had to guide them to the right direction and instruct them to do the right thing as during the giveaway of the food there was a spat between the two homeless lads as they fought over for food.The opportunity I got as a leader was very much useful as speaking among few people or thousands of people the fear remains in every individual and he/she overcomes that fear slowly by involving in extra curricular activities, meeting new people, leading them to the right direction. A group of 12 people had contributed a particular amount of money in order to buy the food and serve them.Dealing with homeless people is very emotional for me as my father had faced such situations back in his time and with his struggle and hard work I could afford to study in the UK. Serving the homeless people food and bringing a smile on their face gives me happiness.

Sadly this activity would not contribute towards my portfolio as there is no evidence for me to show. That very fine day before we started distributing the food. An old man approached to me and asked me if I could buy him a coffee, I replied “What would you do If I gave you money instead of food”he said ” I would get a bottle of alcohol”.

I silently went and got him a coffee. Later that day during the distribution of food that very same man came to me and said the same thing “please give me food don’t give me money I am ruining my life by getting wasted every night, I am embarrassed to see my daughter when I couldn’t feed her when ever I had to”I handed him two burgers one for his daughter the man left with a big smile and I asked him to remember me in his prayers!

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