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Christian science was
founded by MarryAA1 
Baker Eddy. Before she became the founder and leader of the Christian Science,
she was the youngest child in her family of protestantsAA2 
and known to be a compassionate and caring girl. She had a difficult adulthood,
having to
three times due to the deaths of her husbands and had to depart from her son as
she could not afford to take care of him. But her misery did not end there. She
experienced an accident that nearly took her life and left her sick and
immobile on her bed. However, a miracle happened. On her last day, surrounded
by her friends and clergies, she read Jesus’s healing accounts, and suddenly
she became better. This surprising turnabout surprised both her friends and
herself, and madeAA4 
her to focus on studying Bible to learn more about “redeeming and healing of
Christ,” which sparked the birth of Christian Science (THE EMERGING FACE OF BEING ONE: DISCERNING THE

The event had a huge impact on her theology. Healing became herAA5 
fundamental part of her doctrine as she believed that through prayer, her
followers will be able to assimilate God’s perfect view of the world and
understand that He
cares themAA6 ,
and as a result, they attain good health (Mary Baker Eddy and Christian
Science, Irene Hall, P9). The reason for this can be seen from the
circumstances she was in. JustAA7 
on the last day of her life, she was fully recovered by reading some of the
Jesus’s stories. This unprecedented and unexplainable event probably made her
view the world in another way, deepening her belief on healing of Jesus and set
her of for
AA8 the
journey to the birth of Christian Science. Her emphasis on healing made her
doubt the
church’s AA9 teachings,
which lacked teachings on healing (THE EMERGING FACE OF BEING ONE: DISCERNING THE
her to stay away from materials form churchAA10  and depend solely on Bible. This leadAA11  to her makingAA12  her own church with her ideas and
ultimately led to creationAA13  of Christian Science.

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Because the Christian Science is derived from ChristianityAA14  there are some customs and beliefs that
overlap. For example, they both study Bible and studying it is one of the
important learning activities. Furthermore, both believe that Jesus is the Son
of God. They both have their main churches. However, this lack of the similarities
between the two religions can be seen as the reason why Christian Science broke
away from the Christianity.AA15 

There are more differences between Christian Science and
Christianity than their similarities. For example, the Christian Science has different structure within the system. They do not
carry out rituals that are carried out in Christian churches such as baptism
and Eucharist. The Christian Science also removed pastors by the founder Mary
as she saw it as a possible source of corruption (THE EMERGING
Accessed 2017 12/9). What makes Christian Science really different from
Christianity is its beliefs. The Christian Science rejects the claim that Jesus is not a GodAA16 , as can be seen from the quote “Jesus
Christ is not God, as Jesus himself declared, but the Son of God” (Science and
Health, P361).  It also rejects the idea that He is the
virgin bornAA17  saying that “A portion of God could not
enter man… Jesus was the offspring of Mary’s self-conscious communion with God”
(Science and Health, P 336, 29-30). It rejects the factAA18  that the God exists as the unification of
three beings; Father, Son, Spirit. The Christian Science however, again, AA19 rejects this notion and says that “the
theory of three persons in One God suggests polytheism, rather than one
ever-present I AM (Science and Health P256). Last but not least, the Christian
Science disagrees with the fact that the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross is not
enough to remove sins of the people. This is clearly stated in book of MaryAA20 , “One sacrifice, however great, is
insufficient to pay the debt of sin” (Science and Health P23). The removal of
rituals and pastors can be seen as the Christian Science’s attempts to remove
the desire of materialism from its believers, which enables them to focus more
on the
belief itselfAA21 . The different beliefs of the Christian Science
could be
due to AA22 its central belief that is to believe in
God, enabling them to see the world from the view of the God, rather than
seeking salvation from SAA23 in. The reason why they believe that Jesus is not a
God, despite the fact that He is the Son of God, could be to tell believers
that Jesus who was able to look at the world as a God can, is not so different
from them, and hence they can also do what Jesus could do.AA24 

The numerous differences in beliefs between Christian
Science and Christianity make beliefs of Christian Science overlap more with
that of Islam. The fact that Christian Science rejects the idea of Trinity
corresponds with the central belief of Islam; oneness of God (monotheism) (Brodd,
P473). Both also rejects the notion that Jesus is a god as Islam believes that
Jesus is just another prophet like Muhammad and Moses. However, the central
belief of Islam is what makes it different from Christian Science as well.
While Christian Science aims to interact with God through belief, Islam
disagrees with this as the interaction with God is impossible because he is so
great.AA25  They
also differ in the view of JesusAA26 . AndAA27  while Christian Science views Jesus as Son
of God, Islam sees Jesus as another prophet of God. AA28 

Surprisingly, there is a similarity in the beliefs between
Christian Science and Hinduism. Both Christian Science and Hinduism teach their
followers to remove the desire of materialism. For Hinduism, one of the paths
of liberation is bhakti marga which “functions to eradicate egotism, ignorance,
and attachment to the objects of desire” (Brodd P100). While AA29 Christian Science rejects materialism due
to the “Jesus’s critique on materialism” (THE EMERGING FACE OF BEING
Accessed 2017 12/9).

One of the Smart’s dimensions that canAA30  be present in Christian Science is
experiential dimension, which is the encounter that adherents have of contact
with a transcendent realm. The main reason for the adherents to study the Bible
together with Science
and Helth AA31 and remain in the religious group is to
undergo the same experience as she AA32 did, which was healing through the belief
in Jesus. That experience is something that cannot be explained using the human
language and it led to the establishment of the Christian Science. This
experience of healing, as aforementioned, led to the foundation of the
religious group and became the central belief of it.

Another one of the Smart’s dimensions is the doctrinal
dimension, which refers to the official and systematic teachings of religion.
While Christian Science lacks Christian rituals like baptism and Eucharist, the
adherents do come together and study the Bible together with the book Science and
Accessed 2017 12/9). The books are also used in Church services, and the
adherents believe that it is only when the Bible is read together with the book
and HealthAA34 , AA35 the true meaning of the Bible can be
interpreted. Both books not only set the directions which the adherents should
follow to achieve the healing of Jesus, but they also make the religion more
coherent and rational. The last part of the book Science and Health AA36 contains accounts of those who healed
through the belief in Jesus, which not only deepen the adherents’ faith in the
religion, but they also remove the doubt from the people who had them.
Additionally, these teachings lead to the beliefs of the adherents, and since it
is these beliefs that set the Christian Science apart from Christianity, the
doctrinal dimension can be considered as pen that draws thinker than AA37 between the two religions and makes their
difference more visible.

Of course, there can be no religion without this dimension;AA38  social dimension. The social dimension
refers to the strongly bonded group whose faith lies in the same religion and
also refers to their vision. It is them who prove to the world why the
Christian Science exists and toAA39  bring about a more perfect world. This can
be seen from the aforementioned example of last part of the book Science and
HealthAA40 , which not only proves effectiveness of
the faith, but also presents a worldAA41  where adherents can view the world in a perfect
manner of the GodAA42 . The belief in Jesus and the consequence
of their faith is what unites the adherents and it is these believers with
strong faith that still enablesAA43  Christian Science to survive all those
years even though they are minority religion.

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