Christian Biblical Narrative

What Do The Four Parts Of The Christian Biblical Narrative Say About The Nature Of God And Of Reality In Relation To The Reality Of Sickness And Disease?


In creation, God who is a supreme being created the universe a perfect place. He created humankind in his own likeness and placed him on the Garden of Eden where there was everything necessary for man’s survival.

God had created this place first before the creation of man to ensure that man would be safe and contented in his days on the earth. God had also created man to live forever. This shows that God had good intentions for humankind.

There were no sicknesses and diseases at this time and man was safe from anything that could bring him any harm. The fact that God created man in his own image shows how human beings are special to God and how much God loves us.


During this period, Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s commandments and ate the forbidden fruit. This sinful act led to serious consequences, which still affects all humans until today.

Due to this sin, God cursed the ground and diseases and sicknesses are because of this disobedience. This act also brought death to the humans who had been created to live forever. Adam and Eve were chased from the Garden of Eden, which was a safe and a secure place for them to live in.


Since God is a loving and a merciful God, he sent his only son Jesus Christ to restore the relationship between him and the humankind. Jesus Christ came and died on the cross for our sins and resurrected on the third day and rose up to heaven to prepare a place for whoever believes in him.

Anyone who believes in Jesus Christ will be redeemed and have eternal life.

Through Jesus Christ, human beings have the opportunity to return to their original position and purpose that God had originally created them for and restore their relationship with God.


The Bible, which is the word of God, promises that Jesus Christ will come again and restore the world from all sin and evil according to his original purpose when he created the world.

God hates sin and evil and at the end of world, he will cleanse the world from all evil and sin and all human beings will be judged according to their deeds on the earth. The righteous humans will go to heaven with God while the unclean and sinful humans will be thrown into a lake of fire with Satan.

From Where Would One Find Comfort And Hope In The Light Of Illness According To This Narrative?

One would find comfort and hope in the light of illness according to this narrative because the four parts of the Christian narrative indicate God’s love towards the human kind.

By God, creating human being in his own image indicates how special the humans are to God. God also gave the humans dominion over everything he had created.

Through the redemption plan, God is restoring the humans to their original position and purpose where there is no suffering. Jesus Christ who is God’s son performed miracles, which were meant to bring good to humans, these miracles are still happening today, and the sick are being healed through the name of Jesus Christ.

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