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Chinahas in recentyears emerged as a rival to the UnitedStates economically and militarily. However, I don’t foresee China intentions to conquer America. Forinstance, many Chinese parents send their kids to study in the United States, which means that many of them are determined to integrate theAmerican viewpoints with their own. “During the 2014-2015 academic year, thenumber of Chinese students studying stateside was 304,040, a 10.8 percentincrease over the 2013-2014 academic year.”1In fact, China head of State XiJinping’s daughter graduated from Harvard in2014.

So it is more likely that China doesn’t see itself as a threat to theUnited States but as a competitor. In theneoliberalism school of thought,democratic states do not engage in wars. TheChinese government is an authoritarian regime that denies its people basicfreedoms.

For instance, Google and Facebook sites are blocked in China becausethe Chinese government ” claims that they expose state secrets and endanger thecountry.”2However, even though China is not a democratic state, in a realist perspectiveit is not in China’s interest to challenge the United States on the world stagebecause both countries economies are tightly integrated together. Secondly,China is the largest holder of the U.S. Treasury bonds. “China’s holdings of U.S.

bonds, notes and bills rose to $1.15 trillion in June2017, up $44.3 billion from a month earlier.”1Therefore, why would China, for instance, want to go to war with the United States?Yes,China is a growing threat to United Statesallies in south-east Asia particularly Taiwan but does not pose a direct threatto the United States. Many of the United States problems are self-inflicted. Byno means is the international relationships between the United States and Chinahas been without challenges.

In many cases, China leaders partner with theUnited States only if it is in their best interest. For instance, when it comesto North Korea aggressions towards the United States, China has voted more thanonce in the UN security council to impose tough sanctions on the North Koreanrogue regime. In conclusion, it is important for the United States and China tohave a mutual international relation because economically they depend on eachother.

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