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Childhood obesity is one of the most serious public health challenges
of the 21st century; I would like to play a part in eliminating it. Growing up
in the Middle East, I saw how inconsistent application of data-driven
population health methods stymied the reduction in childhood obesity
prevalence. My diverse experiences ranging from spearheading a population
health advisory service to collaborating with healthcare payers to articulate
health value strategies, have led me to believe that current childhood obesity
management capabilities do not go far enough. My professional goal is to
advocate the use of analytics methods and statistical techniques to manage
childhood obesity while enabling healthcare providers to intervene earlier at
lower costs.  I am going to accomplish this by leading multifaceted data
science teams in the short term, while eventually developing and scaling
open-source population health analytics software products in the medium-to-long

I am certain that the fulfillment of my professional goals
will be accelerated through the myriad of academic and leadership opportunities
provided by a Master’s program of Northwestern’s standing. In my many
interactions with alumni of the program, I was inspired by the acute focus on
developing statistically sound and robust analytic solutions while prioritizing
the translation of ‘raw data’ into actionable insights. Additionally, the
program’s emphasis on collaboration, leadership, advanced communication and
entrepreneurship will contribute to my personal growth. I hope to use
interactions with faculty and peers to understand how to combine knowledge and
experience, drive change, lead teams, influence multiple stakeholders and
transform my worldview ahead of undertaking my ambitions of reducing the
prevalence of childhood obesity in our communities

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Reversing the obesity epidemic through data-driven thinking
is a practical goal. I truly believe Northwestern’s program is the final piece
of the puzzle needed to fulfill my vision.

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