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Child abuse is a very serious and common matter in the world. Child abuse is physical sexual, verbal abuse towards a person. The book Forged By Fire is about a little baby boy named Gerald who lived with a mother who was addicted to drugs and was abusive. One day, Gerald was home alone and he started a fire in the house. Later on, Monique ( Gerald’s mother) was arrested for 6 years and for 6 years, Gerald lived with Aunt Queen (a character). On Gerald’s birthday, Monique comes back with a man named Jordan Sparks and they had a baby girl together named Angel. Aunt Queen had a stroke and died. Now, Gerald has to live with Monique, Jordan and Angel. Jordan abuses Gerald and molests Angel. Gerald finds out and Mr. Washington helps. Later on, Jordan gets arrested for 6 years. Six years later, Gerald plays basketball with his friends, Angel loves to dance and is really good at it. But Jordan comes back saying how he is a changed man. But Jordan was drunk one day and Angel was home alone. Jordan tries to molest Angel but a fire starts and Gerald comes home and fights Jordan and saves Angel from the fire. Jordan died but the kids were alive and safe. From that moment on, Gerald and Angel felt freedom. It was like a weight was lifted of their chests. They were free to do anything they wanted and they knew no harm was coming their way. The book, Forged By Fire, has a lot to do with child abuse. Gerald started of being abused by Monique as a 3 year old child. But then he lived with Aunt Queen who was the complete opposite of Monique. But then Jordan comes along. Jordan punched Gerald in the stomach one time and Monique did nothing about it. She was to afraid that Jordan could hit her next. But Jordan didn’t just punch and slap the kids, he also molested Angel a few times. He tried to check her for chicken pox and Angel was so scared. Jordan even got Angel a cat and he threatened to kill and cook the cat if she told anyone about what Jordan was doing to her. But Jordan was put down and locked up for six years. But he tried to molest Angel again. I do believe that people never change and people have grudges. I hold grudges. And I never believed that Jordan changed. He can’t just come back and act like all the things he did never happened. Even Monique didn’t believe that Jordan molested Angel. She defended Jordan, she did things for Jordan, she wore a pretty dress for court just to impress him. Monique was a terrible person for not believing her own kids. Being abused in any way is traumatizing. You never can move on from something like that. Angel feared Jordan everyday of her life before he got arrested. Him coming back made Angel vomit. He says he’s changed but then tries to molest Angel again. Does that sound like a changed man to you? I can’t even imagine how scary it is to go through being abused as a child. It’s like your broken and you can’t be fixed. I didn’t know child abuse was serious until reading the book Forged By Fire. It’s not even just in the book. Over 3 million children are victims of child abuse and 68% of kids are abused by a family member. More than 4 children die from child abuse. Now you know that child abuse is no laughing matter. Hearing about Gerald and Angel’s life about how they were abused changes everything. I feel like the book Forged By Fire will wake people up and give them a sign to speak up. If you are being abused physically, sexually or verbally, you must speak up. Telling someone or talking to someone can really make a difference. Know one should have to go through something like that. Now, people won’t be silenced, they can’t be silenced. Child abuse can lead to a lot of serious problems and issues. Don’t forget to speak up and say the truth. We all deserve happiness and peace in this world, together.

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