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Charles                                   guns in AmericaTidwellIn an article written by Scott Horsley he says that There are 300 million guns flowing threw America at this time. Guns in america is a very big topic with lots of views and opinions. like how to handle it how to prevent it and what it even is. Many people say guns are not the things that are killing people people are killing people. many people say Taking guns away would not solve anything. bad people would just find another way to get guns or kill. but we could solve the problem by educating kids and adults about the importance of gun safety then we would not have  so many deaths, suicides, shootings and homicides in America.America has more guns than any other country in the world this is a fact. That means that there are gonna be more accidents and deaths because of that. America has six times as many homicides as canada and 16 times as germany. there is a lot of research that shows more access to guns increases the risk of suicide. the reason access to guns strongly contributes to suicides is that guns are a way deadlier option than cutting or poison yourself. The children’s hospital in philadelphia says Suicide rates are a lot higher in states with larger rates of gun ownership. It doesn’t really matter how many guns you have if you had a lot and you were educated in gun safety then you won’t do any harm to yourself or other people. but one person with one gun who is uneducated in gun safety can kill as many people as he or she wants the only way to be safe with a gun is to be educated.Another reason that people are still hurt is because guns are not properly kept . people will keep them in open unsafe locations where anybody without a license can take it and use it. Before you one a gun if you have kids or live with someone you need to make sure that you have a safe location to put it where they can not get it. that it how children will hurt themselves or others because there is a chance that that kid might take the gun to a public place not knowing if it is a toy or with the intention to hurt others. Also kids could take it thinking that it is a toy and have consequences there are so many stories of police officers having to shoot children because of kids taking guns in public. It is a very unsafe thing to leave guns in unsafe locations around a house and even regardless if they are safe or not they should be in a safe place kids or adults should be taught proper safety and learn how important gun safety is. The children’s hospital in philadelphia says that. 1.7 million children live with unlocked, loaded guns – 1 out of 3 homes with kids have guns.Some people say that we shouldn’t change gun laws and regulations because the right to bare arms is conditionally protected as the second amendment. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed. but that is very invalid because there are many laws in the us that don’t apply to today’s modern society and the right to freely  bear arms is one of them. For example when that was decided america wasn’t as big is it is now it was in fact it was a very new country at the time. James Madison originally proposed the Second Amendment shortly after the Constitution was officially finished as a way to provide more power to state militias. No in the present day america is huge now we can not just everyone who wants to have a gun have a gun. If we let every state have there one untrained state militia then states would start to fight each other and we would have people going from state to state killing people it would be insanity and impossible to stop. We can not take guns away from everyone but we cannot let anyone who wants a gun have one either or the US would be insanity.In conclusion there are a lot of guns in America in fact more than any other country. that means that having full 100 percent safety will be totally impossible. But what isn’t impossible is reducing that percentage by a lot by making it harder for certain people to get guns. Making sure that all guns are kept in safe locked locations. Educating many people about the importance of gun safety. we can not stop people from accidentally hurting themselves or others that is impossible  but you teach people to be smarter with firearms in America.  

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