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Character Profile ChartName of Person: Lester Bowles “Mike” PearsonImportant statistics Born: 23 April 1897Died: 27 December 1972Gender: MalePlace of birth: Newtonbrook, Ontario Family: Son of Annie Sarah and Edwin Arthur Pearson and the brother of Vaughan Whitier Pearson and Marmaduke PearsonEducation: 1913 he graduated from Hamilton Collegiate Institute in Hamilton Ontario (age 16) Later that year he joined Victoria College at the University of Toronto from 1921 to 1923 Pearson won a scholarship to study at St John’s College, Oxford, In 1925 he returned to Canada and taught history at the University of TorontoInfo:Athletic: played rugby, basketball, hockey, baseball, lacrosse, golf, and tennis (coached football and hockey)War: Pearson served 2 years as a medical orderly in a military hospital, 1915 he joined the overseas service with the Canadian Army Medical Corps as a stretcher bearer. In 1917 he had requested a transfer to the Royal Air Force and went on to air training school in Hendon England (first flight ended in crash in which he survived)(during city wide  blackout in 1918 he was hit by a bus but survived)Political RecordNobel Peace Prize 1957Leader of the Opposition 1958–1963Royal Commission on Bilingualism and Biculturalism 1963Canada Pension Plan 1965Canada-United States Automotive Agreement (Auto Pact) 1965National flag 1965Universal medicare 1966Centennial celebrations 1967Other information: He received the nickname of “Mike” from a flight instructor who felt that “Lester” was too mild a name for an airman. Pearson used the name “Lester” on official documents and in public life, but was always addressed as “Mike” by friends and family.He was hard-workingQuick to comprehend complex issues He used charm to resolve issues with hostile negotiators What were his or her beliefs about Canada’s national identity?How did his or her beliefs impact Canada?Based on my research, I believe the historical figure was (Check your choice below.)Definitely for a Canadian national identitySomewhat for a Canadian national identitySomewhat against a Canadian national identityDefinitely against a Canadian national identityThe main reasons in support of my position about this historical figure:Sources l

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