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Chapter 1. The Obama administrations negative effects on the energy industry- Obama has nothing to do with lower gas prices,  OPEC removing oil production caps to put the American oil industry out of business (due to the fact they can extract  oil for a much lower price per barrel than the American industry which has put over 400,000 American oil workers out of a job.) His administration has halted work on the Dakota access pipeline based on emotions that have no basis in fact or science, which has put Americans in danger due to the fact that the oil must be transported by rail instead of in a contained, completely monitored pipeline because his allies in industry own the railroads. His administration has destroyed the coal industry as well. Chapter 2. The Negative Effects of the Obama Administrations domestic and foreign policyObamacare is failing, insurance providers have been backing out of state healthcare programs due to the fact that it is economically unviable. He won a Nobel Peace prize yet his administration has bombed more countries than any other administration in American history. Libya is on the brink of completely anarchy due to the coalition removing their government with no viable plan to replace it with a government the local population respects. He has given Iran a pass to continue developing its nuclear capability. He has allowed Russia to invade US allies (Ukraine) with no consequences except sanctions. He promoted trade deals that will help foreign countries economies while hurting American workers. He has allowed China to gain a massive political and economic foothold in Africa which is one of the world’s largest emerging economies. He has introduced further regulations that make it harder for entrepreneurs to create and run businesses and has taken money out of the average citizens pockets (the healthcare tax and the sugary drink tax for example) Yes, he did help to recover our economy after the recession, but at the price of massively increasing our federal debt level. Although he is our first minority president, racial divides are at their highest in recent years. Chapter 3. What I Believe to be the Positive effect of the 8 years Barack Obama has been president  I will say I support his efforts to revamp mandatory minimum sentencing and the justice system in general, and his policy of respecting the voters in states that have legalized and regulated the sale of marijuana with minimum intervention which has allowed those states to tap into a new source of revenue. I will also say although I disagree with many of his ideas, he is a great public speaker.

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