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Chapter 4


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          This chapter
contains the conclusions and recommendations of the study.


          Based from
the results and findings of the study, the conclusions drawn are the following:

1.   The grade 1 learners received
sufficient and appropriate learning activities which made them attain the basic
decoding skills in reading most especially in letter recognition, letter
sounds, sound blending and word patterns.

2.   The development of the
learners’ decoding skills was facilitated by the teachers’ use of highly
effective strategies.

3.   Several factors affect the acquisition
and development of the learners’ 
decoding skills.

4.   Teacher-made instructional
materials were used by the teachers most of the time in teaching decoding
skills such as flashcards, visual aids and charts.

5.   A variety of potential and
highly workable measures  can be utilized
by the teachers in effectively addressing the problems they meet in the
teaching of decoding skills.


          Based on the conclusions, the following
are the recommendations:

1.   The grade 1 teachers must
continue teaching and developing all the decoding skills to their learners
especially on spelling patterns, word patterns, segmenting words, and fluency.

2.   The grade 1 teachers must be
discerning in choosing the most appropriate and effective strategies in
teaching the different decoding skills. The use of one or a combination of  strategies (phonics, phonemic awareness, look
& say method, etc) can make teaching-learning more meaningful to the learners.

3.   The teachers must always bear
in mind the individual differences among learners; that there are several
factors which affect the learner’s capacity to learn. The teachers must know
the biological, physiological and family background of each learner.
Appropriate activities and instructional materials must be used according the
learner’s learning level.

4.   The teachers must have a good
collection of varied instructional materials to use at all times and or as the
need arises. Colorful and big-sized visual aids, flashcards, flipcharts, basic
sight words charts and many more attract learners’ attention and likewise
facilitate their understanding. Infusing games and/or play in almost  learning activities sustain learners’
interest and participation.

5.   The  school heads, and teachers must work together  in address the problems met in teaching  decoding skills such as the in adequacy of
teaching materials like guides, learners’ activity sheets, and books. The full
assistance and support of the school heads and support of concerned supervisors
must be given to the teachers especially in the enhancement of their skills in
teaching beginning reading.

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