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Growth of Cruise Industry

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The current state of Cruise
Industry, it led the Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA, 2018)
revealed that the cruise industry continues to develop at a record pace and no
signs of decelerating down. The international tourism market demand continues
to be strong during the summer season of Northern Hemisphere. In fact, based on
the UNWTO World Tourism Barometer last January and August 2017 tourist spots
around the world welcomed 901 million international tourist arrivals, more than
56 million compared to the tourist arrival of the year 2016 (World Tourism
Organization WTO, 2017)


Over the ten years from 2004 –
2014, the demand for cruising worldwide has been increase from 13.1 million
passengers in 2004 to 22.04 million passengers of 2014 with at least 68% growth
(CLIA, 2015). Continuing the presence of cruise industry globally was one of
the goal of CLIA this year. During the release of 2018 State of the Industry
Outlook and Cruise Travel Trends, they are looking for a more positive growth for
the cruise line industry with a projected number of 27.2 million passengers
that will set sail on 2018. (dadadadadag)


Growth of Cruise in Asia

The establishing of Cruise
Lines International Association in Asia and North Asia has taken an exceptional
step forward in the growth of cruising industry in Asia as the regional arms of
Cruise Line International Association. (Business Wire, 2014). Base on Duffy
(2014) the establishing of CLIA Asia and North Asia was a perfect timing as
Asia is cutting the edge as one of the world’s most aggressive region for
cruising.  In fact, Asia highly ranks on
the list of developing cruise region as the growth of the Cruise line industry
continues to grow. (Business Wire, 2014). The number of sailing in the said region
are developing continuously with 1560 scheduled voyage in the year 2016, a great
increase of 43% compared to the previous year. There will be an increase of a ship
that will cruise in Asian Region with 60 cruise ship and cruising to Asian Region
includes 204 tourist spot in 17 countries of the said region, making travelling
by sea on of the great way to see the all tourist spots in Asia such as; Japan,
one of the greatest destination in Asia,; Singapore; South Korea; Malaysia; Philippines
and many more. One of the Asian countries, Philippines provide with the highest
number of job employment in Cruise Line Industry. In fact, Filipino seafarers
hold more than 25% of the 1.5 million seafarers worldwide. (Bello, 2016).
Filipinos Seafarers were maintained the top choice of Cruise ship owners and
managers (Torres, 2011).


Filipinos are in demand to
work from tankers and container ships to luxury cruise ships. According to
Marine Buzz (2011), there are some reasons why major companies employs
Filipinos seafarers because Filipino seafarers work with perseverance and disciplined,
they are physically fit to work on board, they have good communication skill, fluent
and can understand English, they are flexible that they are willingly finished
the duties that are not part of the contract, they can easily adapt to the new
working environment, they can easily get along with their co-seafarers. Due to the demand of Filipino seafarers, Filipinos are
now pursuing a Cruise Line career (Baldoz, 2014). While, according to
Consolidated Training System Inc. (2017), Filipino seafarers can handle
loneliness and homesickness very well, they can fight stress which is one of
the biggest problem working onboard for a long time, and Filipino seafarers are
quick and calm in solving critical problems.


             In fact, one of the leading cruise line
company, Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCC) plans to hire 30,000 Filipino crew members
over the next five years (ABS-CBN, 2016). Royal
Caribbean Cruises recognized the fact that Filipinos are among the best
seafarers in the world. They want the best Filipino workers to work various
positions such as bread baker, pastry cook, pantry cook, line cook, chef de
partie, sushi cook, butcher, bartender, sommelier, pool attendant, linen
keepers and laundry attendant for hotel operations for their 44 cruise ships
and the 9-incoming cruise ship

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