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Chapter 1 : Poverty Issues Based on Law

               One of the biggest unresolved issues in the world that still exist today is poverty. In the big countries though,we still can found poor people. Poor socioeconomically, because they have nothing. They have to fight very hard to survive.                              According to a study of one institute at PBB University, in 2000, 1 percent of the richest people had 40 percent of the world’s assets, and the 10 percent of the richest people had 80 percent. In contrast, half the world’s population, at the bottom of the layer, has only 1 percent of the planet’s assets.                There are many poverty reduction programs undertaken by countries, including every human being or institution. However, no one has been able to change the quality of life of people from the lower layers. Many institutions or foundations or governments create unsustainable programs, so they only last for a few years, because they are stuck on the issue of further fundraising. Before solving more complex problems, we can see from small problems that can be solved with any people. By awakening poor people that education is important is already a small effort to reduce poverty in the world.                 Pancasila, sentence number 5, “Social justice for all Indonesian people”, means that everyone deserve to receive social justice, including have a prosperity life. No ones deserve to life in a poverty, therefore we should help people who needs our help.                In accordance with UUD Republic of Indonesia year 1945, the State has the responsibility to advance public prosperity and intellectual life of the nation. Article 34 of UUD Republic of Indonesia year 1945, the State is responsible for maintaining the poor to fulfill the basic needs that are appropriate for humanity. In Article 34 sentence (1) of UUD Republic of Indonesia year 1945 stated that “the poor and the homeless child maintained by the State “. So indirectly it can be said that all the poor and all abandoned children are in principle nurtured by the State, but in fact it is on the ground that not all poor and neglected children are nurtured by the State.                 Handling of a child’s problem is a problem that must be faced by all parties, not just parents or family, but also every person who is near the child should be able to help the growth of children well. About abandoned children, many things that can actually be overcome such as the presence of orphanage that help to solve the problem of neglected children but due to lack of executive staff and minimal funds obtained to support the implementation of these activities then it seems the orphanage was not working properly. But now there’s more non-governmental organizations that care for children perform various activities such as learning together by using the available facilities such as mobile libraries that aimed at making the displaced children become useful and better people. The inequality of income is one or other factor of poverty, this is due to theconsiderable difference in income between the rich people and the poor one, and the poor tend to have difficulty raising their income due to some of their less skilled skills, making it very difficult for them to raise his opinion. The low level of education is a main factor of poverty, this is because if the level of community education is still low then they will tend to work at places that infeasible, in addition to public education can understand how to produce something useful for human life.  Chapter 2 : Education Based on Law                Education can change someone’s mindset, through education someone gets a lot of knowledge, science and information. Through education people can socialize with its environment.Education is prerequisites to improve human dignity. Through education, people get the chance to foster their abilities and organize their life naturally.                UUD Republic of Indonesia year 1945, Chapter 31, sentence 1-5 explains the importance of education,  specifically:(1)   Every citizen deserve to get an education(2)   Every citizen required to follow basic education and the government is required to finance it(3)   The Government undertakes and organizes a national education system, which enhances faith and piety and noble morality in order to educate the life of the nation, regulated by law(4)   The State prioritizes education budgets at least twenty percent of the state budget and revenues, and from regional budgets and expenditures to meet the needs of national education(5)   Government advancing science and technology by upholding the values ??of religion and national unity for the progress of civilization and the welfare of mankind Chapter 3 : Education Affects the Poverty Level of Society                              Many poor people can’t go to school because they didn’t have a money. Even if they have a money for school, they still choose to work rather than schooling. They try hard to earn money without thinking about school, because many of them think that school is just wasting money.                 As has been explained, everyone is deserve to get an education. If people are educated, then they will get a qualified job. Conversely, if people aren’t educated, then they will not get a qualified job. Uneducated people will. Uneducated people will find it hard to get a decent job, because decent work has a minimum level of education requirements.                Todaro (2006) states that education sector plays a key role to form a developing country’s ability to absorb modern technology and developing production capacity, tocreate growth and development that is sustainable. Human resources which have high quality will increase national output and national income. Improving the quality of education provides many benefits to accelerate economic growth, ex : the company’s management has developed will be more efficient, mastery of development science and technology, productivity improvement and improvement of people’s mind power. The more educated people, the less poverty will occurs.

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