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Chapter 1  The Problem   IntroductionWorking female solo parents are the parents,usually mothers, who work harder to provide the needs of their children alone.They work to sustain the daily needs of their children and for the wholefamily. A working female solo parent is a sole mentor with great influencetowards the development of her children, the only parent where children couldconfide with at home. Nowadays, there are a lot of challenges encountered byworking female solo parents in the society. Working female solo parentsencountered challenges like financial needs, emotional needs and timemanagement.Accordingto the Mayo Clinic Staff (1998), single parents can do all aspects especiallyin a daily routine like child care and other family responsibilities. Thesecould be very difficult and taxing for them but they have to do their tasks forthe sake of their children.

Single parents are those individuals who usuallyhave lower incomes and have less access to health care. Juggling work and childcare can be financially difficult and socially isolating. In addition, sincesolo parents have a lot of responsibilities that they have to think about,these could affect their emotional aspect. They usually experience stress, couldeasily get angry, and they have to do a lot of thinkingfor the improvement of their family.

They need to be strongand emotionally ready to handle all the emotions they feel and of theirchildren.        Kowal and Pradhakar (2009) cited that financial crises arenotable situations where most of the single parent families experienced. Theyhave difficulties in meeting the basic needs of children such as food,clothing, school fees, and maintaining the previous standard of living and meetpersonal expenses. Working female solo parents tend to suffer from a feeling ofrestlessness and lack of identity after divorce/widowhood because of whathappened in their past. This is especially true of women whose identity wasformerly associated with that of their husband.

For many women, feelings ofguilt, shame, resentment, anger, and anxiety, about the future are so dominantthat they bring out personality changes”.Further, working female solo parents have much responsibilityin handling the challenges they encountered in terms of financial crises. Theyare the only ones who provide for the needs of their children. They do all thepossible way to make sure that they can provide the needs of their family andto do their responsibilities as a parent to their children.Fromthe group of the Single ParentingAnonymous (2011) “managing time can be a huge challenge for solo parents,especially those who are also working. Thelife of a solo parent can be very busy. They could be juggling work, home, andschool in addition to parenting. However, one of the most important things theycan give to their child is quality time with them”.

Inaddition, working female solo parents have difficulties whenit comes to theirtime. It is difficult for them to be away from their children especially whenthese are still very young. Solo parents need to balance their time for workand for their family to establish good and harmonious relationships with theirchildren. Spending time with families has a big impact for their children tofeel comforted and for them to still feel happy even if their situation isunbalanced.Tohelp single parents the Solo Parent Act(R.A.

8972) was enacted. It is a comprehensive program and services for soloparents and their children. Furthermore, this law covers whoever between thefathers or the mothers as to who will take charge of the child or theirchildren in the absence of a spouse due to death, due to legal separation or ina crime scenario like rape and abandonment. This law also considers those soloparents who are left to take care of a child, nephews, nieces or godchild aslong as they are capable in upbringing the said children/relatives.As observed by the researchers, the working femalesolo parents in Barangay Aglayan, Malayabalay City is increasing, because ofcommon reasons; the separation of couple due to the financial issues or becauseof irreconcilable marital issues. In some cases, solo parents happen wheneither the young parents experienced early pregnancy and could not carry onparenting responsibilities, are advised to separate because they could not handleearly marriage life.

With this dilemma, some of them would prefer to be asingle parent and raise the child on their own, rather than to struggle theagony of their miserable situation.The purpose of this study is therefore to identifythe challenges encountered by the working female solo parent that result toimproper management in raising their child/children. With these challenges thiswill determine their ability in handling difficulties they had encountered. Frameworkof the StudyThisstudy is anchored from the Feminist Theory on the study of children withparents (1997).According to the theory the major problem of the solo parentsencountered in their situation is on poverty. Solo parents experienced povertybecause of low income compare to the complete family. Solo parents will provideall the needs of their children alone. They will make all the decision fortheir family and find solutions on whatever problems they encountered in theirlives.

Solo parent encountered emotional problem because they feel stressful,pressured and fatigue due to over thinking of all the problem might come. Soloparents have difficulties to handle their time in building relationships withtheir children. The children also experienced bullying from other people consideringthat they have no father. This situation could affect their psychologicaldevelopment.    Statement of the Problem          The study identified the challenges of working femalesolo parents of Barangay Aglayan, Malaybalay City in the year 2017-2018.  Specifically, it answered thefollowing queries:1.  What are the challenges encounteredby the working female solo parents in terms of:      1.

1Financial;      1.2Emotional; and      1.3 Timemanagement?2.  What the coping mechanism of workingfemale solo parent on the challenges they encountered in terms of:2.1       Financial 2.2       Emotional; and 2.3       Time management? Significance of theStudy          The result of the study wouldhopefully benefit and provide information to the following: To the workingfemale solo parents, this study would let them know and identify what arethe challenges they encountered as a working solo parent that they may beguided on how to cope up with the challenges.

          To the barangay administrators, this would guide them as a reference inimplementing a livelihood project program in order to subsidize the workingsolo parent with additional source of income.To the children,it would also guide them not to engage in any extra activities that canpossibly ruin their life; to help them realize that it is not easy to be inthis kind of situation; and to give them courage to do the right thing to havea better lifeTo the familyof solo parents, it would serve them as a reference on how to disciplinetheir child.To thecommunity,it wouldserve as a tool for them to teach the youth in their community on whatare the cause and effect of doing such thing that can give bad influence tothem.          To thefuture researchers, the study would be an avenue for furtherresearch, on the challenges encountered by working female solo parent and thefactors affecting the said dilemma. Delimitationof the Study          This study was delimited to theworking female solo parents in Barangay Aglayan Malaybalay City, Bukidnon inthe year 2017 in terms of the following: financial, emotional and timemanagement.Thisstudy used an in-depth interview to gather data. During interview theresearchers used researchers-made questionnaire. Out of 146 working female soloparents that was recorded in barangay Aglayan the researchers purposively choseonly (8) eight working female solo parents to participate in this study.

Thisenables the researchers to collect data about the challenges that the workingfemale solo parents encountered.Definition of Terms          The following terms are defined theoreticallyand operationally to have better understanding of this study:          SoloParent.Solo parents are those parents who take care of their childrenwithout a companion due to death of spouse, unmarried, or separation (). Inthis study, it refers to those female solo parents who are working to meet theneeds of her child/children.Challenges.

Challenges is the kind of situation being faced with something that needs greatmental or physical effort in order to be done successfully and therefore testsa person’s ability (Cambridge Dictionary,2016).          In this study, it pertains to thesituational challenges encountered by the working female solo parent in termsof: Financial, Emotional and Time Management          Financial Needs.Financialneed means pertaining or relating to those commonly engage in dealing moneyinformation or data. (Free Dictionary 2000).

In this study, it refers to thefinancial capability of the working female solo parents in providing the needsof their children.          EmotionalNeed. Emotional need is a psychological or mental requirement ofintrapsychic origin that usually centers on such basic feelings as love, fear,anger, sorrow, anxiety, frustration, and depression and involves theunderstanding, empathy, and support of one person for another. Such needsnormally occur in everyone but usually increase during periods of excessivestress or physical and mental illness and during various stages of life, suchas infancy, early childhood, and old age (Mosby’s Medical Dictionary, 2009). Inthis study, it refers to the emotional characteristics that the working femalesolo parents encountered in their work and with their children.

Time Management. Time management isthe analysis of how working hours are spent and prioritization of tasks inorder to maximize personal efficiency in the workplace (William Collins Sons,2012). In this study, it refers to the time management of the working femalesolo parents to spend with their children. How they balance their time withtheir children and their work.   

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