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Central Park Central park is Located in New York City, in the heart of Manhattan. The national historical landmark that attaches about roughly 55 million visitors worldwide. Central Park stretches from North 110th Street to Central Park South (59th Street), and from Central Park West (8th Avenue) to 5th Ave. Central Park was the first landscaped public park in the United States. As a  public park, it would offer families an attractive setting for carriage rides and provide working-class New Yorkers a nice public space to enjoy their free time. After years of deciding, the park site and cost, in 1853 the state legislature authorized the City of New York to to acquire more than 700 acres of land in the center of Manhattan. During this time of the year fall. New York in the fall is one of the best times to be in the city. And there’s no better thing to do during this time then go visit Central Park. It’s not too hot, it’s not too cold and the fall leaves on the trees are gorgeous. Not to mention Central park is known for the famous sightseeing spots in New York. It is bordered on the north  by Central Park North, on the south by Central Park South, on the west by Central Park West, and on the east by Fifth Avenue. Meanwhile, If you want to experience both nature and arts, then New York’s Central Park is the place to be. “Do you know that a total of 29 amazing and unique sculptures are found around the area?” ( Peter Ten tours 1 ) Most of the popular ones are that of Alice and Wonderland, sled dog, and Duke Ellington. There quit a few famous authors and poets that have sculptures located in the Literary Walk. In Addition there are so much to do in central park such as  The land a largemouth bass in Harlem Meer. Fishing poles and bait are available at the nearby Charles A. Dana Discovery Center.Hear a new band at SummerStage, or catch one of your favorite performance at Rumsey Playfield. Visit the Strawberry Fields’ Imagine Mosaic, which honors the Beatle who lived across the street in the Dakota Apartments. Check the temperature up at Belvedere Castle. It’s the park’s official weather station—though you’ll really be climbing the stairs for the scene from the viewing deck up high.Row your way around the Lake, enjoy relaxing gondola ride. Either way, you’ll get to explore the park’s largest natural body of water.  Also, Shakespeare in the Park, Try to score free tickets for a star-studded Shakespearean play at the Delacorte Theater. Play beach volleyball or croquet near Sheep Meadow. Stop and smell the roses (and sage and catmint) at the Conservatory Garden. The blooms in the three European-style gardens that make up the Conservatory Garden change from season to season.Furthermore, Central Park is one of the prime bird-watching spots in the City.During the summertime you can lay out a blanket on the Great Lawn to hear the New York Philharmonic in a free summer concert—or just to lie in the sun.  Decipher hieroglyphics at Cleopatra’s Needle. This column, a few thousand years old, made its way from Alexandria, Egypt, to Manhattan in the late 1800s.Circle the Reservoir on foot. The running track that traces its rim is 1.58 miles; a bridle path just outside it is the tiniest bit longer. Spin round and round on a century-old carousel. This one was made in 1908, installed at Coney Island until the 1940s and transplanted to Central Park in 1951. Meet monarchs in the North Meadow Butterfly Gardens. Summer is a good time to see some before they begin their migration south for the winter. Watch a puppet show at the Swedish Marionette Theatre. Play on clay at the Tennis Center. Central Park is one of the main attraction of New York City. Central park isn’t like any other park it’s so intricate and hugenmous that you can get lost in it. And that may be a problem for many people. Say you do get lost in Central Park, and aren’t interested in stopping someone to ask for directions. Service is spotty, and you don’t know about Google Maps’ or its offline functionality. and you want to leave, but aren’t sure if you’re heading toward the Met or Strawberry Fields. What to do?  Or What should the park should provide?… During my observation there was always someone either circling where they came from or asking someone for direction, or using their phone to find their way. The question was asked to pedestrians ”  How often do you get lost” Many people response was ” everytime” They would end up back where they came from or they would discover a new place they never seen. Not saying that’s a bad thing but it’s frustrating that you get lost. For instance my team and I came up with the idea that the park lamp post should be numbered. For example  you should look at the base of one of the park’s 1,600 cast iron lamp posts, which are numbered with four-digit codes to help you locate where you are: The first two or three numbers tell you which street you’re closest to, while the last number indicates whether you’re closer to the East or West Side of the park—odd numbers mean you’re closer to the West Side, and even numbers mean you’re closer to the East Side. 7021? Close to 70th Street, on the West Side. 1102? 110th Street, East Side.  (School of Urban Construction, Jiangxi Normal University, 1 ) Shouldn’t this solve everyone’s problem for those who get lost?   Another concern is Safety . That’s the biggest issue in parks. Anything could happen in the park and you would want either witness, protection or footage. As i observed  there are no policemen or patrol officers in the park at all times. Which for a big park there should be. Going around and questioning a few people on ” Have there ever been a situation where you felt unsafe at the park, and what was the situation” many people said yes during the day and night. According to Rachal Some parks supporters want to use federal budget surpluses to aid the parks, including purchasing fragile, new parklands. But critics say the nation can’t afford any new parks, and that any budget surpluses should be used to protect Security. (cox 1) If you look at the  crime statistics, it can be misleading. Many crimes, particularly sexual assault, go unreported; and low crime statistics may in fact be influenced by people trying to avoidany type of areas they receive to be high risk.The design of a park or recreation area can have a direct impact on people’s perceptions of safety and their willingness to use a space. Designing a park for safety is based on what is generally considered to be what a good park is should be, it meets the needs of its users; it is diverse and interesting; it connects people with the place; and it provides people with a positive image and experience.My team and I thought would be a good idea that creates the should have effective control on the areas to consider when evaluating the safety  of the  park. There should be activities near the park area, beside the  entrance or along a main pedestrian path where it’s open to other people. Locate food concessions and vendors at the park edge that serves both the street and the park .Make sure that activities in the park include a  person presence from early morning to evening. Lastly Improved lighting and increasedgreater night time surveillance. Lastly The Central Park Zoo is one of the most favorite place every kid or adult loves to be if you’re a animal lover.Why do people go to the zoo? The simple answer is to see the animals. A common part of a child’s visit to the zoo involves running from exhibit to exhibit to observe the animals. But Feeding the animals Should not be Prohibited. It’s not safe for kids or adults to feed the wildlife in the zoo. There should be a sign that says ” NO FEEDING WILD ANIMALS”  right my each section in different language. So that many people can read and understand the sign. Study shows that when you feed wild animals (Hosley, 3/21/17) “Feeding wild animals doesn’t just cause them harm from ingesting things they shouldn’t, it also causes longer term damage that affects their behavior and could put them at risk.” Futhermore ( Barron 2)  states that ” It can be so poinsionous that it can cause the animals to see you as a threat” This can cause the animals to catch sick and die causing extinction. And then there won’t be enough animals in the zoo sooner or later if we don’t put a stop to it.In conclusion, Central park will be more attractive and useful after those several suggestions. Meanwhile, some taxpayers who live in this community will be arguing this project, because the budget of this program will be a huge number. However, they will accept the proposal when they realize the pollution of Central Park and the hidden safety issue of children’s recreation area are growing problems.

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