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  Cell phones are one of the vital possessions for everyone as
they keep the person connected with the rest of the world. It’s easy to communicate; However, its use should be
banned while driving because the accidental rates have increased significantly,
more traffic laws are broken, and insurance companies are raising their
premiums due to increased car insurance claims.

The first reason why cell phone must be banned while driving
is the increase in accidental rate across the Saudi Arabia. People get so much
engaged in texting or calling on cellphones while driving that their attention
from road diverts to the cell phone due to which the chances of hitting the car
with the objects like other cars on the roads or pedestrian increase.

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Furthermore, cellphones must be banned as it is the source
of increasing traffic disturbance. The person driving the car loses the focus as
he is so much engaged in talking in his phone and don’t stop the car even when
the signal of stoppage is given to him due to which cars coming from the
different directions find it difficult to smoothly continue their way. As a
consequence, the whole traffic gets jammed and creates the chaos on that particular

Moreover, the traffic law breaking has been raised due to cellphone
while driving. A person uses cellphone while driving is also the traffic law
breaker. For law breaking, he is fined heavily which affects him financially. Even
traffic laws are not limited to fines only, the driver can also get
imprisonment up to one year in case of hitting someone or may get banned from
driving for a long period in Saudi Arabia.

Thus, it is concluded that texting must be banned while
driving as this could be life threatening as its raising the accidents rates,
also it is the main cause of disturbing the traffic, and breaking of traffic
laws due to which the driver may have to pay huge penalties. However, people
must be guided by traffic authorities to use hands free as an alternate in
order to pick important calls and try to avoid the unimportant calls which can
be dangerous for them as well as for other. 

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