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Caterlux is one of India’s Fastest Moving Electrical Goods (FMEG) Company.Caterlux deals in the manufacturing and supplying of a huge array of power electronic equipments such Stabilizers, Fans, Modular Switches, Home Appliances, Air Conditioners, Electric Water Heaters, Kitchen Appliances and much more.In pursuit of innovating everyday and constantly preying on high quality has made us a supreme provider of LED luminaries, taking great pride in providing our customers with leading edge products at prices to fit any budget!In light of our constant efforts for bettering our processes and technology to provide you the absolute best service possible, guaranteed customer satisfaction goes without saying.Facebook: Like us on Facebook and never miss an update about our upcoming products or contests!Connect with Caterlux on Facebook Today!!Twitter: Interactions, in today’s time are growing manyfolds. And because we know when it happens, it happens on twitter first, now, follow us on Twitter and be the first one to know about our daily updates discounts, promos and more.Mission and Vision:Mission- Our primary mission is to deliver best-in-class electrical & lighting solutions to our customers.Vision- Our vision has always been to developing technology that improves the quality of life and at the same time promotes sustainability.Caterlux Milestones:We believe setting milestones facilitates efficiency and help us serve you better.We first seek a project requirement from your end which tremendously helps us in creating a new and a unique concept. Pertaining to what the concept is and how many resources are to be deployed in the making of final product, a budget is created. On getting a green signal on the budget, a document is created that specifies the scope of work. Then as we move forward, the project is carefully managed by professionals and at the completion, is finally handed over to the client!Tagline:”Building technology that makes life easy, convenient and beautiful!”

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