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Case History – Bruce Wayne1.Background InformationBruce’s Father, Tomas Wayne, was a well known doctor. Bruce’s parents were well known in the Gotham City society. They were wealthy people who were the main owners of Wayne Enterprises. When Bruce was 12, his parents were murdered in a dark alley. This happened after Bruce had a panic attack and insisted to leave a show. Bruce’s panic attack was over getting swarmed by bats after he fell down an old well. Bruce has had night terrors and flashbacks to this moment ever since. After their death Bruce continued to live in the families mansion, with his servant, Alfred, who is also a close friend to Bruce. Bruce reports that he has no close people other than Alfred in his life, even though he has sexual relationships with women. He says that no one understands him and that he is very lonely. Wayne’s life difficulties started when he fell down a well while playing with his friend Rachel in the family garden. Soon after his parents were murdered. In his late teens he was kicked out of Princeton and began stealing to survive. Then he began going into prisons and would take down inside criminals. Bruce developed an irregular sleep pattern because of feelings of anxiety. Whenever he learns of innocent people being victimized by criminals, he is unable to sleep. Bruce seeks information about crimes that have taken place reading newspapers. Bruce reveals that he has created this secret person, Batman, a crime fighter in a masked suit. When Bruce is in the Batman suit he is able to go throughout the city, fighting crime. Alfred is the only other person who knows about Bruce’s activities as Batman. Bruce estimates that he spends about 11 hours of his waking hours as Batman. Bruce has recently become involved in a romantic relationship with a news photographer, a childhood friend. Bruce is struggling with whether to tell her about his second life. 2. Description of the Presenting ProblemBruce’s problems are that he dresses up like a bat and fights crime, his urge to kill his parents killer, fear of bats, flashbacks, anxiety, and night terrors. Wayne has had the night terrors, anxiety, and flashbacks since the age of around 12. His first experience was during an opera scene where there were bats. Wayne also feels the need to take the justice into his own hands over the man that killed his parents. Wayne brought a gun to the man’s trail, and never got to use it because someone else shot him. Another problem is his fear of bats. At the age of 12 he fell down an old well and was attacked by bats. Bruce also dresses up as a bat and fights crime. Bruce feels that he can fight all of the crime and fix the corrupt system of the government in Gotham city. 3. Your Diagnosis Bruce Wayne shows signs of being paranoid, having Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, a Phobic Disorder, and a Dissociative Identity Disorder. Bruce shows signs of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder by showing symptoms such as flashbacks, nightmares, unwelcome thoughts, and avoidance. The trauma that caused the PTSD is his parents being murdered in front of him when he was 10. Bruce Wayne fits the criteria of having a dissociative identity disorder because he shows signs of a completely differentbehavior when he dresses up as a bat. His behavior and voice changes when hebecomes that personality. He gets more daring and almost fearless. It could most likely be from when his parents were killed in front of him. Wayne’s problems being cold and aloof, argumentative, and the way he leads a mostly isolated life shows that he has a paranoid personality disorder. He exhibits behaviors that show signs of having a schizoid personality such as having no interest in relationships, his lack of normal emotional responsiveness, has few close friends, and he has no interest in becoming attached to other people although he does go out with girls. Bruce Wayne’s Phobic Disorder is the fear of bats, also known as chiroptophobia. This phobia started after he fell down a well at a young age and was attacked by bats. 4. Explaining TheoriesBruce Wayne has a phobic disorder and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder which are bothanxiety disorders. The Psychoanalytic theory explains that his disorder started withrepressed urges from childhood that have surfaced and lead to an obsession, which inturn leads to compulsion. Learning theory explains that phobias are learned. Cognitivetheory states that he viewed a situation as negative and helpless to control which leadsto anxiety. Biological views his anxiety disorders as genetic. Wayne has a Dissociative Identity Disorder which is a mood disorder. Psychoanalyticaltheory states that some are prone to depression because of real or imagined thoughtsof someone or something. Feelings of loss may turn into depression. Learning theorysays that he learned helplessness and is prone to depression due to experiencingevents that were out of his control. Cognitive theory says that some are prone todepression because of their habitual lifestyle which leads to their helplessness. Somehave negative views of themselves, experiences, and future. The theory stays they filterout the positive information and make it more negative, which causes depression.Biological theory states that mood disorders are genetic or biological.Bruce Wayne also is paranoid which is a personality disorder. Psychoanalytic theory states that Wayne has a lack of guilt, which is a problem in thedevelopment of the conscious. Cognitive Theory says that he is seen as threateningbecause of his antisocial behavior and he uses this to justify his behavior. Learningtheory states that childhood experiences taught him how to relate to other people.Biological theory states that he gained his personality disorder from his genes becauseit was hereditary.

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