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Carrie and I met when we both decided to drop out of school in 1972 in
order to pursue our acting careers. Carrie and I grew close through the shared
struggle of making it in Hollywood. When I eventually realized I was kidding
myself in 1975, she made her film debut in “Shampoo.” Considering we both
auditioned together, she offered not to take the part but of course, I could
not let her. At that moment, I realized what a true friend I had.


Carrie was born to Singers Eddie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds on October
21, 1956. As most of you know, she attended Beverly Hills High School. In 1973,
she was cast in the hit Broadway, “Irene” in which her mother starred. We then
both joined London’s Central School of Speech and Drama. Carrie later moved to
Sarah Lawrence College, which she ended up leaving before graduating.

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In 1977, Fisher starred as Princess Leia in George Lucas’ science
fiction film “Star Wars Due to her success in this movie she later starred in
“The Empire Strikes Back”, “Return of the Jedi”, “The Force Awakens” and “The
Last Jedi.” These movies made the name “Carrie Fisher” known and resulted in an
upward incline of her career.


Carrie spent her most of her life “stuck in a book” and was known as
“The Bookworm” by her family. She also loved writing poems and books.


Carrie has won one Award and has been nominated for eight others. She
was also nominated for a Grammy Award for her book, “The Princess Diarist” just
a few days after her death. The results are pending but will be revealed on
January 29, 2018. Not only was Carrie an amazing actress and friend, but also
an author, playwright, humorist, and an unapologetic advocate of mental health.


Carrie was an icon. She will be missed by everyone who had the pleasure
of meeting her. As we all know, she, unfortunately, passed away at the
far-too-young age of 60 due to cardiac arrest, or as she wanted it reported:
“She drowned in the moonlight, strangled by her own bra.”

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