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Carol Dweck, in “Carol Dweck Revisits the ‘Growth Mindset’,” explores how some people may have a false growth mindset and how to fix that.  She goes back and explains and clears up so concepts.

            A main point Dweck makes is creating a false “growth mindset”.  Dweck says, “The growth mindset was intended to help close achievement gaps, not hide them.”  Some people believe that having a growth mindset or display growth mindset concept is just saying its ok try again.  They try using the growth mindset as an excuse.  As Dweck said, “The growth mindset was intended to help close achievement gaps, not hide them”. The student needs to be told about why they are not doing well then addressing what they can do to fix it. It’s about helping the student through their problem. 

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            Another main point in the article is people misusing the term fixed mindset.  Dweck says, “I also fear that the mindset work is sometimes used to justify why some students aren’t learning: ‘Oh, he has a fixed mindset.’ We used to blame the child’s environment or ability”.  Again, students, teachers, mentors, and parents are using a child’s mindset as an excuse to why they aren’t doing well or learning.  Instead of finding a way to help the student learn they make excuse for themselves for why they are failing to help a failing student. 

            The final main point Dweck addresses is what happens when teachers say they have a growth mindset but do not display those qualities in the classroom.  “Kathy Liu Sun found that there were many math teachers who endorsed a growth mindset and even said the words ‘growth mindset’ in their middle school math classes, but did not follow through in their classroom practices” (Dweck) It is easy to say to say or claim that you are a growth mindset person but you have to actively practice it and show it.  “In these cases, their students tended to endorse more of a fixed mindset about their math ability” (Dweck) Not only does having a false growth mindset negatively affect the teacher it also negatively affects the students around them.

            Dweck puts an emphasis using one mindset or the other as an excuse why a student can and cannot work.  She also talks a lot about a false growth mindset and how it affects the person and people around them. We are all mixtures of both growth and fixed mindsets in us.  It depends on how we use them and which one we choose to be.

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