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Carina MurphyMr. JonesEnglish 9: Hour 45 January 2018The Osage Orange Tree”A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality” ? John Lennon (Quotes). In the story “The Osage Orange Tree” Evangeline a very poor girl moved into a town that is filled with poverty. She met the paperboy on his route and decided to pay for the paper just to see him when he drops it off. Evangeline makes drastic decisions throughout the story that isn’t exactly smart or decisions made by the head. This shows that people crave personal connections with people. Why do we crave this? Why does Evangeline think she needs a friend to be happy? Her being poor just shows us she would do anything to have a relationship with him.   She would give up even the little she had. In the story, Evangeline buys newspapers from a paperboy just to see him. This wouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for Evangeline being very, very poor. To pay for the paper every day she decided to take money out of her trust at the bank that was originally for her graduation dress. After graduation, the paperboy saw Evangeline’s brother and asked where she was. He then said; “Evangeline couldn’t come…she stole…. She stole the money from her bank—the money she was to use for graduation dress” (Stafford 410). This shows us that people think we need friendships to be happy and successful in life. Evangeline knew she had things to pay for that were more important but, she needed a friend to be happy. Evangeline gave up her education to keep the boy as her friend. She chose him over herself.  She thinks that having relationships with people is what makes the world go round. Next, the next way William Stafford shows that people will do anything for love is Evangeline didn’t just have enough money for a dress this means she couldn’t graduate. At the end of the story, the paperboy went to her house to look for her and saw all the papers. “Glancing around, I flipped the last newspaper under the bridge and then bent far over and looked where it had gone. There they were- – a pile of boxed newspapers, thrown in a heap, some new, some worn and weathered, by rain, by snow” (Stafford 412 ). This shows us that Evangeline never actually read the papers, she never even showed her parents or asked them to buy. Evangeline solemnly did it to see him every day under the tree, every night. Evangeline was a lonely girl who didn’t have any friends or anything to cheer her up. When someone finally came into her life she wasn’t going to lose it. Lastly, Why do we think happiness is being liked by others or having a lot of relationships? Why is having a close circle a bad thing? William Stafford told us Evangeline was poor not because that was the reason making her sad but because it was showing us how little she had and how much she gave up. “The Osage Orange Tree” by William Stafford shows us that humble humans crave relationships not just with people but spiritual ones. If we don’t have that we try to replace it with money or other things. In conclusion, I think that Evangeline thought to be happy she needed a friend. She would give up anything or even the little she had to find one.  The sacrifice she made risked her high school and her future even though it was going to impact her in that way         Works Cited “Quotes About Connection (528 Quotes).” (528 Quotes),                     , William. The Osage Orange Tree. Elements of Literature: Third Course. Ed. Kathleen             Daniel. Austin, TX: Holt, Rinehart and Winston, 2007. 405-412. Print.

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