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Tv broadcasts

This would range from;

publicity and electioneering

the chance to make any settlements about their country and
how it is operated. It is vital for this to proceed a fair election for the
country as it can then make it to become a democracy.

With elections this allows people to get

Period of election

Representatives are those who chose to represent for their
area. For this to happen its downs to the citizens to chose for who they would
like to represent them. By this, they will be able to cast a single vote for an
individual who are in their local constituency. For then, the person who has
the greatest amount of votes is a assigned to be a municipal member of the


Whoever is in power at a party can decide to have a general election.

Influence of party systems

Under the voting system there is an accounted amount of
seats which implies that the number of votes made will gain  sufficiently the right number of seats.

Proportional representation

This process will keep going until the final candidate has
the ultimate votes.

The alternative vote is proceeded by allowing an individual
from the general public which is ranked on a ballot paper on behalf of who
their chosen candidate is. From this, if your preference choice for this vote
gets 50% or more, they will be elected. 
However, if not 50% or more they will become deducted. Therefore, there
second in line would be chosen.

single transferable includes a variety of members  for parties to allow as many candidates as
they prefer for seating. As followed, the voters then choose who to decide by
ranking in favour.  But if a candidate
who has already been given the most votes, they automatically are elected,
after this the voter who  chooses the
second rank is then passed on to become elected.

Another way of voting would be ‘first past the post’, where
this consist of writing an ‘X’ on a ballot paper next to the candidate they
think should be chosen and hand in there vote so that it is anonymous. The one
with the most votes wins.

Being somewhere else at the time of the vote

Have any kind of disability or medical problems

Working, or in any kind of armed forces

Or voting by proxy, which is a way you could also vote by,
this is done by allowing someone to vote for you on your behalf due to a
particular situationns. This would mainly only ne allowed if;

Another way would be postal voting which you would vote for
who you personally want to be elected and post your vote.

Within the government there is a few ways on which voting is
dealt with.  This can be done by going to
a polling office, which implies that it could take place at a community centre,
church hall or even a school in which you would go there to vote.

Type of voting

As an ‘independent’ when standing there is no candidate
policies for this election but if you are entitled you are able to stand as an
independent for office. By this, in most political parties, they most likely
have more than the amount of candidates needed for seats to ensure they have
better chances of winning.

Candidate selection process

A general elections occurs every 3 to 5 years this is when
each seat is open within the house of commons ready for re-election. This can
also be relied on the party who is in power and believe that they have a good
chance gaining the majority of seats. Also, from this it allows people to
choose on who they think would be best to become their MP,  who 
can speak on behalf of that constituency.

To conclude, when standing for a local election the similar
procedure is as followed as the general election process, but with this
election you are eligible if a citizen of the European union. Whereas, you cant
stand if have been sentenced up to 3 months in prison. If exposed to bankruptcy
conditions. Furthermore, not allowed to stand if have been  hired by the local jurisdiction.  Additionally, this has 4 year cycle in which
it happens but means not every single council member elect at the exact same

For a general election there is a lot of requirements that
is needed if this was something that you wanted to do. When trying to stand for
election, you must be 18 and over, secondly, you would need to be British,
republic of Ireland or apart of the commonwealth. After this, if standing for
election, you must have at least up to 10 submitted voters of that department.
However, If chosen not to represent a political party then you would be known
as an ‘independent’. Moreover, would then need to be permitted by the party. To
add onto to this, to stand up for election you would need 5% of the votes or
over to proceed and even get your £500 back that you would need to give by
registering. You can only not stand for election if you are a prisoner in which
has been sentenced for over 12 months.

Who is entitled to stand for election

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