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Canadian Criminal law 
Criminal law includes a lot of different institutions but mainly it goes under substantive criminal law and it prohibits certain crimes or actions. Mainly these prohibitions are to protect people and society of  Canada. There are different prohibitions some of them protects person, property, public peace. Criminal law in Canada is used to see violators in society. There is also included areas like sexual offences, pornography and punishment for murder which have been developed in Canadian society to some extent. Criminal law also have been developed and also are included in technology like credit card frauds. Canadians for sentencing criminals use Canadian Charter of rights and freedoms. This charter is part of constitution freedoms and it is a part of constitution of Canada. The constitution act 1982 states that the this constitution of Canada is the supreme law of Canada. The courts of Canada have to measure all legislations including the criminal code and related statutes. This Charter is affecting criminal law directly. In Canadian law there cant be any punishment except in accordance with fixed law. Thats why courts have concluded that these crimes must be in existence at the time of alleged crime. 
The civil action is when person brought case against other person and there is possibility that civil court can compensate if the person is the wrong caused. 
Chinese criminal law
Chinese for punishing people also use constitution of China and at the aim is to fight against all type of crimes to protect State and to defend state power and to protect people of republic of China. Also to protect property which is owned by the State. Chinese punish their criminals in accordance with law otherwise they should now be punished. Chinese law are applicable to anyone who commits a crime within the territory and in their water also and this law is applicable to anyone who also commits their crime on the ship or aircraft and if the crime is committed in waters or space of the China the crime shall be deemed to have been committed within territory. Also the law is applicable to Chinese citizens outside its territory but then only they can be punished with imprisonment for maximum of three years. Chinese Law is also applicable to any other country citizen who commits their crime in their territory the good example would be two basketball players from UNCLA university from USA was arrested for shoplifting in China and if the Trump wouldn’t make some calls it wont be possible to get them out because they was already arrested. 

The main aim in these TV-shows is to show the criminal that the crimes he have done is not acceptable to society and if the criminal is arrested second time the punishment should be much harder then it was first time. Also to show society that people get punished for their actions and it may decrease crimes in further because people would already know the consequences. The third and most hard one is to punish criminal and sentencing him for life. That means he will be isolated from society for at least 25 years and mostly all of them start to regret the things they have done. Some start to change their lives in prison and there is way how to reduce their sentence just attending school in prison or helping with some jobs, basically showing good attitude. The aim for isolating person is to show that person what happens if you broke the law and the murder is not acceptable to anyone in the population so it cant be possible that the person is not conducted. The policy which has been used in TV-show is retributive, to show the person how bad is the crime they have done. In TV-show the main aim to show the person how bad crime they have done is achieved but the way how they did it is not acceptable. Its prohibited to assault criminal psychologically or to feed drugs in her. Punishing person in this way i don’t see any rehabilitation. There is bigger possibility that the person will do more crimes because of the harm what they have faced, they will seek for revenge and i think its not the main point what they want to achieve.
In this situation more harm is done then good so i don’t think this is the best way how to fight with criminals. 

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