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Canada’s most significant negative moments of the 20th century are the Halifax Explosion, residential schools, and the Great Depression. The Halifax Explosion took place on Dec 6th, 1917. The ships involved in the explosion were the Imo and Mont-Blanc. On board the Mont-Blanc were explosives such as TNT and benzole, a flammable liquid. The Imo entered the Narrows moving at a speed above the limit of the harbour. Francis Mackey, an experienced pilot on Mont-Blanc, spotted the Imo and noticed that it was heading towards the right side of his ship. Within a few minutes, the two ships collided. There wasn’t much damage, but barrels of benzole tipped over and spilled. The Imo’s engine turned on and sparks ignited inside the Mont-Blanc’s hull which set the benzole aflame. The Mont-Blanc exploded around 9:06 am. Over 1,600 people were instantly killed and around 9,000 people were injured. Survivors quickly rescued people and hospitals soon became full. Other countries pitched in to help by raising money, providing food, healthcare, and more.In the 1870s, the government introduced residential schools to Canada. The purpose of residential schools was to assimilate aboriginal children into the Euro-Canadian culture. At the school, children were only allowed to speak English and there were consequences for not obeying the rules. They were not served a lot of food and it was poor in quality. The survivors of the residential schools usually had emotional problems and substance abuse. The residential school disrupted the transfer of spiritual values to younger generations because they were stripped of their culture and unable to speak their language anymore.In 1929, Canada was hit with a depression. It started because of Canada’s trade ties with the United States, people buying on credit, overproduction, overexpansion, and the stock market crash. During the depression, many people were unemployed and hungry. Relief camps were set up to provide single men with jobs because Bennett feared a communist uprising would occur. The jobs at the camps were clearing bush, road building, and tree planting. They were being paid 20 cents a day and went on strike demanding better wages. In conclusion, I believe we can all learn from these events and learn from the mistakes we’ve made in past to make sure they never occur again.

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