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Camlyn LewisMegan GreenGSW 11101 December 2017Abortion: A Right Or The Taking Of A Right?    People should have access to safe and legal abortion. There are thousands of babies born every year as a product of rape. Mothers are dying around the world during childbirth and from unsafe abortion practices. Women who aren’t given access to abortion are more likely to turn to public welfare and be subject to domestic violence, as well as all of the children who are not adopted needing help.    “One in six women and one in thirty-three men will experience attempted or completed rape in their lifetime” (“National Statistics on Sexual Violence”). This number is alarming. Almost 18 million women have been the victim of rape since 1998. The estimated amount of pregnancies every year resulting from some form of sexual attack is 25 thousand (“National Statistics on Sexual Violence”). Although a lot of these pregnancies are prevented by using emergency contraception, there are still thousands of “rape babies” born every year. To force someone to carry and live with a child that was a product of rape is wrong, nobody asks to get raped or become pregnant by it, so why is society trying to force these people to deal with a crime someone else committed for the rest of their life? As Amy Littlefield said:As a young teenager, I was staunchly against abortion. I believed it was murder. Later, when I considered what it meant for the state to force a rape victim to remain pregnant, and learned how many women died from unsafe, illegal abortions before Roe v. Wade, I became staunchly pro-choice, realizing access to abortion is a matter of survival for pregnant people (Littlefield).The amount of pain felt while giving birth is one of, if not the worst pains a person can feel in their life. It’s traumatic and what matters most is the mother’s life, not a collection of cells that can’t survive outside of the womb.    Sometimes a person can not physically handle giving birth. Cases like this happen almost 24 out of every 100 thousand live births (Sifferlin). Morally, is it right to let the mother die or end the development of a fetus or embryo? Save a living person or a collection of cells that isn’t a person? Before “Roe V. Wade” women with an unwanted pregnancy would sometimes try to induce an abortion by using an object such as a coat hanger or knitting needle. In 1972 there were 39 deaths as a result of unsafe or “back alley” abortions. After “Roe V. Wade” by 1976 the number dropped to two (“Should Abortion Be Legal?”). A 2004 estimate by World Health Organization suggests that unsafe abortions causes 68 thousand maternal deaths worldwide every year. Many of these are in developing countries where a safe and legal abortion is very difficult, if not impossible, to receive (“Should Abortion Be Legal?”). Anne Cunningham tells the story of a mother who would require an abortion in the event of a pregnancy: Beth Whalen, a 40-year-old mother of one, was diagnosed with heart disease after the birth of her son. She learned that any subsequent pregnancy could shave 10 years off her life. Without a health exception that considers the risk that pregnancy poses to Beth’s long-term survival, Beth and women like her would be forced to carry dangerous pregnancies to term. (Cunningham, 122).    Some women are simply unable to support a child, that’s a fact. Another fact that is often ignored is, having a child should not be a punishment for having sex. The financial responsibility that comes with one is very difficult for even a married couple to handle sometimes. A single mother who is denied an abortion is more likely to become unemployed because she has to care for her child. Because she is unemployed she turns to welfare. She may go below the poverty line, or, she may stay with an abusive partner to support the child. A study by the University of California at San Francisco found that women who were denied abortions were more than twice as likely to become victims of domestic violence, but if she leaves this relationship will she be able to take care of her baby? (“Should Abortion Be Legal?”). On top of this, these women who have abortions help reduce the cost of welfare to taxpayers. There will be a higher need for medicaid coverage and the women who are in a tough financial situation are very likely to need help through welfare. If women had access to full reproductive choice, it could help not only themselves, but the rest of the country as well.    A very popular argument people like to use to combat the necessity of abortion rights is that abortions reduce the number of babies that can be adopted. While this is true, there are hundreds of thousands of children in foster care. Adopting an infant through an agency costs around 20 thousand to 40 thousand dollars. Independently it can be 15 thousand or more than 35 thousand dollars. Adopting a child in foster care typically costs zero to three thousand dollars initially. However, adopting through foster care, the parent adopting can be reimbursed and there are subsidies averaging 350 dollars per month are available to help cover the cost of the child’s needs. (Gilman). So why is it necessary to bring more infants into an adoption cycle while there are still hundreds of thousands of children not being adopted? Most people can not afford to pay tens of thousands of dollars to adopt a baby, but a child is typically less than ten thousand dollars. Is it the end goal to bring more children into a system that already has so many not being adopted?     In conclusion, if access to safe and legal abortion is taken away the number of rape babies will increase, maternal death rates will increase dramatically, and there will be less women on welfare and taxpayers will pay for less welfare every year. There are no special cases when it comes to abortion, even if it is for a moral or religious reason. If someone sees it as “killing a baby” then they are either okay with killing a baby or they are not. If one person is allowed to have an abortion, the woman who walks in after her should be as well.

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